More Stars and Their Medical Procedures

"I've met some real perverts in my life, but you take the cake, Katie Couric," the late-night host tells the journalist.

Katie Couric had an "unusual request" for Jimmy Kimmel after he celebrated his 50th birthday: she wanted to accompany him for his first colonoscopy.

18 years after Couric herself had one on television following the death of her husband to colon cancer in 1998, the former "TODAY" co-host served as Jimmy's spirit guide through the process, which was documented on Tuesday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

"You're about to watch a camera go where no camera has gone before," Jimmy joked about the experience, before Couric picked him up dark and early to take him to the hospital for the procedure.

"I've met some real perverts in my life, but you take the cake, Katie Couric," he said once he was in his hospital gown. When Couric asked the doctor why she thought more men don't get the procedure done, Kimmel shouted, "Because they go up your ass!"

"People say this isn't fun, but I say it’s a lot more fun than being diagnosed with colorectal cancer," said Couric, who added there was an 18 percent rise in people getting checked after she had one on television in 2000. She hoped the same thing -- a "Jimmy Kimmel effect" -- would happen again.

"I put an iTunes gift card up there, whoever gets it, it's yours," Couric joked as they wheeled the ABC late-night host away.

In the end, they found no polyps and said Kimmel had a clean bill of health. "We did find a few interesting things," the doc added, before Couric popped up with a bin full of keys, soldiers and a harmonica.

Jimmy ended the video with a message to Couric, saying, "Thank you Katie, for invading my colon."

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