Brandi Glanville Says 'Apprentice' Makeup Artists Told Her Girls 'Sleep Their Way to Win' (Exclusive)
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The former contestant reacts to reports that Aubrey O'Day and Donald Trump Jr. had an affair after meeting on the set of "Celebrity Apprentice."

Former "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant Brandi Glanville wasn't too surprised to learn Aubrey O'Day allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump Jr. while on the show.

Though Glanville competed two seasons after the Danity Kane singer -- who has yet to confirm or deny the reports -- she said she was told about a history of women using their sexuality to forward their game.

"When I did 'The Apprentice' a lot of the hair and makeup people said the pretty girls would always sleep their way to win," Glanville told TooFab. "Just so you know, I came in fourth, out of 17 people. I didn't sleep with anyone, I was using my brain!"

"But they were saying it really was happening and they did name a few names," Glanville continued, adding Aubrey "was not on that list."

O'Day reportedly began a sexual relationship with President Donald Trump's son after meeting him on the set of "Celebrity Apprentice" during Season 5. Some reports say it was Donald Trump Sr. who put an end to the fling; others claim it was stopped when Vanessa found questionable text messages from O'Day on her husband's phone.

"We have mutual friends, him and I, and he seems like a solid guy," Glanville said of Trump Jr. "I don't know how this news got out and I feel sorry for the whole situation. Don't date married men, people, what are you doing?! It makes me angry."

Glanville spoke from experience, as her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian infamously started hooking up with his now-wife Leann Rimes while they were still married. "Nothing surprises me anymore," she added. "I just assumed everyone's sleeping with everyone!"

Brandi added that there's certainly a power dynamic at work on a show like "The Apprentice," where Trump himself did make a lot of his own decisions. "It's not producers in his ear going, 'Go fire this person,'" she explained. "He would change, you could see him change in the moment. Thats why he scares me as president. He's that quick to flip, that's why we're screwed!"

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