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"Quite honestly, that would change the dynamic and make it much more interesting," the reality diva tells TooFab.

Erika Jayne would love to see a little more LGBTQ on "RHOBH."

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, performer and gay ally told TooFab it'd make her "very happy" to see a same-sex couple cast on the Bravo series.

In her new memoir, "Pretty Mess," Jayne revealed that friend Yolanda Hadid actually suggested she join the show back in Season 6. She was quickly cast after meeting with its producers and the rest is history. When TooFab asked whether she'd ever try to talk anyone into joining herself, like Yolanda did for her, she laughed off the idea.

"No, I would save them!" she joked. "Can I be honest with you? I don't think there's anybody in my life that I would recommend the show to. They've often asked me, 'Do you have friends?' or something like that and the answer is no. I think it's a very specific thing and I hang out with queens only, so there you go."

Thinking about it a little more, she added, "I would love a gay couple on the show."

"I'll go on the record to say the first person to put a gay married couple on the show would make me very happy," Jayne continued. "However you serve it up, I think that the word [housewives] has evolved so much and has such a different meaning now, why not? Why not put the first gay couple on there? Quite honestly, that would change the dynamic and make it much more interesting and open up the audience to a much bigger place. But I don't know if anybody's brave enough to do it."

Andy Cohen, you listening?

Erika's gay following earned her the title of Kitty Ambassador to the Twink Republic of Qwonk on "SNL" and, in her book, she acknowledges her alter-ego was "built and perfected at Pride performances, gay clubs, and circuit parties." Next month, she'll headline the biggest gay party of them all: the White Party in Palm Springs.

"I have a new song that I'll be performing at White Party so I'm super excited about that," she told TooFab. "I think that'll make the show completely fresh and give it new energy, for sure."

"The [Erika Jayne] show started in small gay clubs and now here on bigger stages and thankfully with the exposure on 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, my audience has changed a lot," Erika added. "It's not just gay, it's straight and mixed and old and young."

Jayne will perform on April 28 as part of the 3-day festival. Tickets are available now. Her memoir, "Pretty Mess," is also available on Amazon.

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