'Marriage Boot Camp' Blowout: Amber Portwood Calls Out Brandi Glanville's Day Drinking and It Doesn't End Well
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"Every time that I see you, you're drinking," the "Teen Mom OG" star tells the former Real Housewife.

Everybody who watches reality TV knows Brandi Glanville enjoys her vino, but the former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star wasn't having it when Amber Portwood made that seem like a problem.

On Friday's new episode of "Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Family Edition," the two got into it after Glanville exclaimed she wanted to get "liquored up" before they did their next family drill.

"You get up and you start," Portwood said. "Like, all day, you're drinking wine."

"Amber says I start early and drink all day, is that the perception you all get?" Brandi then asked the rest of the cast. "No, every time that I see you, you're drinking," Portwood continued, before trying to explain what she meant. Glanville shot back, "When I see you, you have a drink too and you're sober."

"This is my second time drinking," the "Teen Mom" responded. "My first time drinking today. I didn't mean it like you were an alcoholic."

Glanville then defended her libations. "If I wanted to start in the morning, it's on me and I'm not sober and I don't have a problem," she said. After Amber left the room, she told her co-stars, "I do enjoy rosé and I hold myself together and I'm not sloppy...until I am. She came in hard just to say I start in the morning."

Hearing she was still the topic of discussion after she left the room, Portwood stormed back in to the kitchen. "Why are you still talking about it when I walk away?" she said, confronting Glanville again. "Don't do it behind my back. You shouldn't be so offended by it."

Brandi diffused the situation (again) by saying, "It's all good" and offering up a cheers, but it wouldn't be the end of their drama.

Later in the episode, Portwood told Glanville that Brandi's father reiterated his claim she once told him she was an escort. While Brandi herself didn't have much of a reaction to the comment, Rene Graziano went off. The "Mob Wives" star accused Portwood of only bringing it up to "f-ck with" Brandi.

"I'm sorry, she is not allowed to attack Brandi the way she did this morning or ever," Rene said after the group meeting. "Amber's out of control and that really got to me. That was intentional mother f-cking takedown. It wasn't appropriate, go for the person directly, don't use the father -- which there's already so much hurt in the situation."

The episode ended with Portwood telling her then-boyfriend Matt Baier, "I'm sick of it. I don't have respect for anything right now."

We'll see if this situation escalates even more next week.

"Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Family Edition" airs Fridays on WE tv.

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