Stormy Daniels Claps Back at Fake Breast Tweet, Recommends 'Mini Corn Dogs' for Her '60 Minutes' Interview
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The porn star took to Twitter to help her fans prep for the interview, which many hope will discuss her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

Porn star Stormy Daniels looks to achieve peak relevance during her interview with Anderson Cooper on "60 Minutes" tonight, and she is helping her fans prepare for her big moment in the spotlight like it's the Super Bowl, offering a tongue-in-cheek snack idea that's too tasty to dismiss for her Twitter followers.

The adult film entrepreneur has been expertly taking down her trolls via social media since she first achieved the spotlight for her alleged 2012 affair with Donald Trump earlier this year, with many of her scathing responses amusingly leading to deleted Twitter accounts.

On Saturday, she was asked what snack foods she recommended for fans tuning into her big interview moment, and Daniels was ready with a hilarious response.

At least she didn't suggest Cheetos!

The interview has already been delayed once, following some legal wrangling from Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who filed a quick injunction shortly after she filmed the interview a few weeks ago.

Daniels is expected to discuss an alleged affair she had with Donald Trump in 2012, as well as the non-disclosure agreement she signed and the $130,000 hush money she was paid by Cohen to keep quiet about it. Daniels alleges the NDA is invalid as Trump never signed it, while Cohen asserts that as he _did _sign it, and forked over the $130,000, she is still beholden to it.

It remains to be seen if tonight's broadcast will lead to a legal response, as the legality of the NDA remains inconclusive at this time. Daniels has been raising funds for a possible legal battle with the president via CrowdJustice, raising nearly $300,000 as of this writing with 18 days to go in her crowdfunding campaign.

Despite their best efforts in the past few months, the Internet trolls just can't get under Daniels' skin. She's taken heat for her body, her career choice, her intelligence, and for allegedly sleeping with Trump, and has attempted to drag every single person who's come at her so far.

When one user tried to call her out for having had breast augmentation on Saturday, Daniels couldn't help but laugh that one off, while painting a vivid picture of what would be the most epic interview entrance of all time.

"60 Minutes" airs tonight at 7 p.m. ET on CBS.

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