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"It's always hard to say," the Hollywood medium struggles to tell the actor on Wednesday's episode.

Tyler Henry delivers some tragic news to Rick Fox on Wednesday's episode of "Hollywood Medium."

"It's always hard to say," the medium struggles to tell Fox in the clip below. "Someone might pass away in the next eight months."

"Oh, shit," Fox gasps.

Henry proceeds to start scribbling and whispers the word, "father." He tells Fox he's being told about "someone passing away" and "people needing to be around." He keeps seeing the phrase, "not resolve."

"Yeah, there's something there," Fox admits solemnly. "My dad, who's very ill -- it's very difficult now because I know he can hear me. I know when I'm in his presence, he's glad I'm there, but it's difficult for him to communicate. He can't really speak words the way he wants to anymore, so I want him to know that I love him and that I know he was the best dad he could possibly be based on the parenting he got."

Although he loves him dearly, Fox says he still has some "unresolved" issues with his father, which he doesn't necessarily know how to resolve.

See Henry's advice for the actor in the sneak above.

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