Celebrity Cheaters

Saying the porn star has only "a few more miles left on her face," Williams reveals what she does and doesn't believe from Stormy's media blitz.

It was all about Hurricane Stormy this morning on "The Wendy Williams Show," as the host kicked off her hot topics segment by breaking down Stormy Daniels' "60 Minutes" tell-all from the night before.

Though Wendy Williams said she believed basically all the allegations Daniels made, there was one thing about the porn star's account of her alleged affair with Donald Trump that she had a hard time swallowing.

"I don't believe it only happened once," Williams said, after throwing some shade at Stormy's appearance. "And you say I need a reduction. How dare you!" she said. "At least I don't feature Wild and Sloppy. And she's 39!"

"This is what 39 looks like these days? That's a rough life. I don't believe it only happened once, I don't know that I liked Anderson Cooper doing the interview," she continued. "Here's what I do believe: I believe it happened more than once. I do believe all that she's saying. I do believe she wasn't MeToo-ed and she was very specific in saying ladies, there's a different between doing something when you're a willing participant and when a man forces himself on you. He didn't force himself on her, she was a voluntary participant."

Williams also reacted to Daniels alleging Trump told her she reminded him "of my daughter" Ivanka. "At the time, Ivanka was 24 years old and I guess he meant what, she's feisty?" wondered Wendy. "How awkward."

Now that Daniels had told her tale, Williams is done with her.

"This Stormy can go away as far as I'm concerned," she said. "She's got a few more miles left on her face, where she could be at the hoe down, the strip clubs love feature performers, so she can be a featured performer at several strip clubs around the country. But she can go away."

Who Wendy does want to hear from: Playmate Karen McDougal, who said she had an affair with Trump from 2006-2007.

"She kind of looks like Melania-esque. I wonder what this girl really knows, they had a 10-month long affair she says, allegedly. Are we still saying that?" asked Williams. "Anyway, all said and done, the president was not faithful to his wife, wives. Donald Trump Jr. is learning the same behavior."

Williams then made a plea for Aubrey O'Day to release the "e-mails and texts" she has from Donald Jr. "You can do that, why not?" she asked.

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