Wendy Williams Doesn't Think Katy Perry Is Worth Her 'American Idol' Paycheck: 'Nobody Cares'
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"Wear some cool clothes and stop with the dumb jokes," the daytime talk show host advises the "Idol" judge.

Wendy Williams is not a fan of ABC's "American Idol" reboot, especially judge Katy Perry's giant paycheck.

While tearing into the singing competition on her show Tuesday, the daytime talk show host gave country star judge Luke Bryan a pass, then dug into Perry. And she's not holding anything back, honey.

"The cowboy Luke, Luke is humorous in his own humorous way ... he's doing the best he can to make up for Katy Perry making $25 million and not doing much," Williams said.

She was even more irritated by the prank Perry played on some contestants during the first episode of Hollywood week. After a group of four ladies absolutely killed it in their performance, the judge decided to tell the women that one of them would have to volunteer to leave the competition to save the rest of the group from being eliminated. The wildly talented Crystal Alicea stepped up as she burst into tears. Perry then admitted that it was all a ruse.

"So Katy played a joke some people thought was really cruel last night, it was not a $25 million joke, honey," Williams said.

Pranks and comedic sensibility aside, Williams also had some thoughts on Perry's hair and wardrobe. "They don't tune in to see what she's wearing, I'm tired of tuning in for the same hair," she explained.

"She looks cute, she's super talented, but this is not her thing to be judging on 'American Idol' for $25 million," Williams continued. "She's not delivering $25 million worth of delivery. She's wearing the same hair, switch it up a little bit. Remember how we used to watch 'American Idol' to see what Jennifer Lopez was wearing? Wear some cool clothes and stop with the dumb jokes. Nobody cares."

Williams ended the segment by summing up all of her thoughts on the show with this lackluster promotion: "Well if you care, 'American Idol' airs Sundays and they choke us again on Monday nights on ABC."

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