Makeup Demonstration Turns Into a Sister Showdown In 'Bridezillas' Sneak Peek (Exclusive)
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"Helena and Anya's relationship is ... exhausting" a bridesmaid says of the bridezilla and maid of honor pair.

Maid of honor/wedding planner Anya loses her chill when "CryZilla" Helena -- who also happens to be her sister -- suggests she takes tips from another bridesmaid in Friday's episode of "Bridezillas."

In the exclusive clip below, Anya is doing her best to fulfill Helena's request for an eyeshadow look that's "something light" on a fellow bridesmaid. The makeup demo escalates into catty criticism when Helena says the eyeshadow is "too dark" and Anya snaps back to tell her to "calm down," while mumbling, "F-cking pissing me off."

"Helena's like being in the military," Anya says in a confessional. "She's very annoying, very demanding and a pain in my rear end."

Like an officer, Helena orders Anya to "redo the whole thing" because she didn't like it, "not even a little bit."

Bridesmaid #2 then chimes in with her own makeup advice ... which Helena prefers. "Maybe Anya shoulda taken tips," says the bride. Her sister's response: "Please stop. Please. Because I'm done."

The clip ends with Anya getting the final word: "I'm like literally sweating right now. I don't know how you were born in hell!"

"Bridezillas" airs on Friday at 10/9 p.m. C on WE tv.

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