Brandi Glanville Criticized for Flashing Everyone In 'Marriage Boot Camp' House: 'You Just Don't Do That!'
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And yes, her dad was one of the witnesses.

Brandi Glanville's wardrobe choices and behavior after one too many glasses of vino were the talk of the hour on Friday's "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition."

The main issue at hand: how uncomfortable it makes her father, Guy, when she wears something revealing and how her more risque looks feed into his unfounded belief that she's an escort. ICYMI: he previously said she told him she did that for a living, something she swears never happened.

After last week's exercise led to Brandi getting a concussion, she went to the hospital and returned with doctor's orders for a little R&R. To Glanville, however, that meant rest and rosé. She proceeded to throw back a few glasses, before the housemates were asked to take part in another drill where they all shared their perceptions of each other.

When Lana Graziano had to talk about Glanville, she said she hadn't "found anything wrong" with her her. Brandi reacted by slurring, "I have so many things wrong, I'll show you ..." before pulling down her top to reveal her pastie-covered breasts.


Her dad reacted with a shocked, "Oh, my god," Jim Jones exclaimed, "What the fuck, I'm done" and her other co-stars slammed the move in confessionals. "You just whipped your tits out in front of your dad? This is disrespectful," said Renee Graziano. Amber Portwood's mother, Tonya, added, "You just don't do that.

In a confessional, Glanville said her master plan was to "get naked and see if people still treated me to the same," so that her own father "would hopefully see it's OK." Judging by everyone's reaction, she added, "I don't know if my plan is working."

One of the show's counselors, Dr. Ish, called the move "classic attention-seeking behavior." He added, "She's not only displaying how she does outrageous things for attention to get out of a tough situation, but this is also counterproductive in her trying to prove to guy that she's not the woman the tabloids say she is."

Dr. V., the female counselor on the show, added that Brandi has the right to dress however she feels and there's "nothing offensive, indecent or shameful about any part of a woman's body." But, if she's using it as a deflection tactic from tackling the real issues, "then that's a problem."

Glanville didn't help her case later in the night, when she drunkenly sat on Jim Jones' lap and did a little booty shake for him in front of his girlfriend, Chrissy Lampkin. Chrissy was clearly aggravated and Jones himself said it made him feel very "uncomfortable." Watch the video at the link above.

Speaking with TooFab about the incident, Glanville blamed it on the alcohol ... and hospital visit.

"There was wine involved and I just got back from the hospital," she said. "So I'm gonna blame it on the concussion."

"I love them and I didn't think of Jim ... I felt like a brotherly thing," Glanville added of her behavior. "She was sitting right there, it wasn't to be disrespectful and if it obviously was taken that way ... that was not my ... I wasn't ... if she hadn't been sitting there, I never would have touched him. I felt like it was a safe zone, but I obviously crossed a lone and I'm sorry."