11 Famous Faces Who Were All 'American Idol' Rejects

The remaining contestants battle for a spot in the Top 14 -- and America's vote -- in next week's episodes.

The "American Idol" reboot narrowed the competition down to the Top 24 Monday night, and the network is celebrating with an updated version of its iconic theme song sung by the remaining contestants.

Oh yeah, it still doesn't have any words.

The network didn't let that stop them, though, as the Top 24 hummed and booped and wooed to the rhythm doing a pretty eerily accurate rendition of the theme music. It was a cappella baby, like Pentatonix was up in this house and there were 24 of them and you couldn't stop them from making these noises if you wanted to.

What's especially fun to imagine is what this might have sounded like when they were individually in the sound booth recording their parts. We don't know for sure they recorded separately, but as they're all in individual squares like this is "The Brady Bunch," we're imagining Ada Vox being told, "Now hold to a count of four and then go, "Whoo-aaaahh!" for exactly three beats. Then hold two more and go, "Mmmmbrrtbop.!"

Credit to the producers and the kids themselves, because a lot of their personalities still managed to shine through such a manufactured gimmick, giving us a sense of who they are as artists and -- the network hopes -- getting us excited about the next stage of the journey.

That includes the (not literal) wholesale slaughter of 10 of them next week so we can finally get to the Top 14 that will be vying for our votes.

"American Idol" airs Sundays and Mondays at 7 p.m. ET on ABC.

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