Late-Night Hosts Fry Trump for Forgetting the Name of the White House During Annual Easter Egg Roll
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"This house, this building, or whatever you want to call it, because there really is no name for it. It is special," Trump said at the event.

It's an annual tradition dating back more than 100 years, and yet President Trump still managed to make the 2018 White House Easter Egg Roll memorable in the weirdest ways possible, like giving a bunch of kids a speech about the economy and forgetting the name of that big, white house he lives in. Writing for late-night TV has never been easier!

Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers were all cracking up at Trump rambling on about the big building he was speaking from, and has been living in for the past year, but having no idea what to call it. How could he not only forget the name of the White House, but blatantly say, "There really is no name for it."

Uh... yes. Yes, there is. And it's a pretty spot-on description of what it looks like, too.

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

Fallon just had to play the clip for his audience of Donald Trump trying to describe the place where he lives. "This house, this building, or whatever you want to call it, because there really is no name for it. It is special," Trump said.

Fallon then jumped into his Trump impression, adding, "It's a house. It is white. And that's why I call it the big building. It's a very special, big special place."

He then continued by having Trump address the Easter Bunny mascot that was standing next to him on the balcony. "I want to thank this incredible creature next to me," he said as Trump. "This big-eared rat, this albino squirrel, whatever you-- there's no name for them. Whatever you want to call him. He's a very special thing."

"Late Night with Seth Meyers"

Meyers was cracking up at the mouth agape expression on the Easter Bunny mascot. "He looks like he just found out that Trump was president," he said. "That looks like everyone in New York on November 9th."

He then marveled at Trump giving what amounted to a political speech to a bunch of kids just looking to roll some eggs. "President Trump touted the U.S. economy, saying we had never had an economy like we have right now," Meyers pointed out, before putting up a graphic of the DOW dropping more than 700 points. "Literally the one time he wasn't in front of the TV."

Meyers then took a "Closer Look" at how the president spent Easter Sunday, which he kicked off with a very enthusiastic tweet reading simply, "HAPPY EASTER!"

"All was right with the world," Meyers said. "For about 90 minutes. Then Trump started raving about 'caravans' of immigrants." He then spotlighted Trump's subsequent tweets talking about DACA and the Democrats and immigration -- really it's the same old song and dance at this point.

"Ah yes, who can forget how Christ rose on the third day and said unto his followers, 'We gotta do something about all these Mexicans!'" Meyers joked.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live"

"Trump heard egg roll and promised to make the Chinese pay for it," Kimmel joked about the annual event. He then took a look at Trump's speech, stopping at the mark where Trump thanked First Lady Melania for all her hard work on the event.

"Not a chance she did one thing to help set that up," Kimmel said with a laugh. "She didn't dye eggs, she didn't fill baskets. The only thing she's been working on is an escape tunnel."

He then went back to the footage of Trump's speech, which he'd doctored to show porn star Stormy Daniels heading out to the balcony in lingerie before seeing Melania and ducking back inside. It was just as Trump was talking about the weather. "It was supposed to be pouring, the weather," he said. "It was supposed to be very rainy and nasty and cold and windy..."

"And Stormy, too," Kimmel finished for him.

Kimmel wasn't done having fun with Trump video, either. The president also tweeted a video of himself talking about the holidays of Passover and Easter, kind of explaining what they were.

"I felt like he was explaining it to himself and it was weird," Kimmel said. "It was him just kind of shouting at the camera, so we punched it up a bit. We added some animation to make it more colorful."

It was certainly more ... interesting, with Trump standing in for a Jewish man, the Easter Bunny, a clown and even Jesus himself as he rambled on about what the holidays mean to their respective religions. That's one way to get the message across.

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