Amber Portwood Accuses Her Mother of Being on Drugs During 'Marriage Boot Camp' Screaming Match
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Tonya Portwood storms off the show's set after her daughter levies drug accusations her way.

"Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition" ended with an explosion between "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood and her mother Tonya. With tensions simmering between them the first few episodes of the show, they reached a boiling point Friday night.

After a day of therapeutic drills, Tonya complained when her daughter and her then-boyfriend Matt Baier started snipping back and forth at each other in their shared bedroom. "I'm so glad we don't f-cking do this shit at home with my boyfriend. I'm serious," she said.

"Oh mom, go f-ck off," Portwood replied. "I'm not gonna listen about shit any f-cking more! With his disgusting fucking ass."

Portwood then accused her mother of abandoning her when she was a teenager. "I was 13 years old and you came to me and told me that you were seeing another f-cking man," she said. "It was the reason why I hung out with the people I did, there was no structure. I was abandoned at 13, 14 years old, alone, while she was out with her boyfriend and it's bullshit and I'm sick and tired of it. She doesn't get what she did."

"Don't talk me down little, Amber," her mom responded. "I know exactly what happened in life. We did not have a good life."

"This is why I don't talk to you, you get all defensive," Amber shot back. "All I see is you getting angry because I said something you didn't like. As a 13 year old I didn't need to know that my mom was doing that!"

When the show then cut to a confessional interview with the three to rehash the bedroom moment, Tonya walked out. "Get the f-ck out. You don't even listen," Amber yelled as her mom as she left the room. "This is the truth, you can't handle the truth. She's not listening because she's on DRUGS! Take another pill!"

Tonya turned back to shout, "That is so uncalled for. I'm done!"

The episode ended there, but a preview for next week's episode showed Tonya having a one-on-one conversation with Dr. Ish Major. "How many times a day you taking it?" he asks her. "It says four, but I don't do four," she tells him. His reaction: "That's a problem."

Elsewhere in the episode, Renee Graziano also struggled with her sobriety, after it was discovered she got a Xanax from Brandi Glanville to help her sleep. When she revealed she had a pill problem in the past, Glanville said she never would have given her one had she known. It appears Graziano may go to Narcotics Anonymous next week, with her sisters by her side, to help deal with the problem.

"I didn't want to beat myself up over it because, although I was 8.5 months clean, I've had years of never using," Graziano told TooFab about her "mishap" before the show's premiere. "Now I'm in recovery, like I said, and I'm on Step 4 and I love my sponsor, Elizabeth. It's a little intense."

"Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition" airs Friday on WE tv.

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