'Jersey Shore' Cast Transformation

The medium can't stop laughing when a spirit from Ronnie's past shows up with a funny story.

"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro fights back happy tears in a new "Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry" clip.

"This is odd. Just check and see if there was like a funny story about someone under the influence of alcohol," the medium begins before starting to laugh a bit. "I feel like I go from a high-point to a low-point. But it's not falling on the ground. It's like falling from a higher height. It's coming in, and it's like a memory of the situation where I don't know if someone's like drunk, but I'm like falling."

"I know exactly what you're talking about," Ronnie says. "It's my buddy Brandon. He actually just passed away last week. We had a memorial for him on Tuesday."

"I actually just found out the other day that when they were younger he was hanging on the roof with his friends," the MTV star tells the medium. "I guess just running from the cops or whatever, and he jumped on his neighbor's roof and went through the skylight and he landed on the bed with the couple, they were in bed."

"He fell through the skylight and like broke his leg and he was all messed up," Ronnie adds. "So everyone was at the memorial and we all celebrated his life, and that's where I heard the story of where he fell."

Due to the fact that his friend just recently passed, the wound was still fresh, and Ronnie definitely appreciated the spiritual visit. "Brandon showing up today definitely meant a lot," Ronnie says while clearly holding back tears.

"Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry" airs Wednesdays on E!

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