Bella Thorne Makes How Much Off Instagram?! 5 Shockers from Vogue Documentary
Bella Thorne For Galore Magazine

"I bought this house ... and it's all from social media," the former Disney star explains.

Bella Thorne may come off a little kooky, but she's riding that crazy train right to the bank.

The former child star offered fans an unfiltered look at her life in a new Vogue mini-documentary, breaking down just how much she pulls in from sponsored posts, how hard it was to break free from the Disney image and her fear of driving.

Keep reading for the five wildest takeaways from the documentary!

The Power of the Selfie

One of the most shocking revelations from the 17-minute video was how much the "Midnight Sun" star makes from Instagram alone. Thorne, who has more than 17 million followers on the social media app, said posting to Instagram was a "100% a job to me." The actress said that she makes $65,000 per regular "grid" post and and anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 for an Instagram Story or Snapchat.

Thorne said her social media posts basically paid for her house, one year after starting out with "literally $200 in my bank account" when she was 18. "It's all from social media," she admitted.

On Her Image

The main focus of the mini-documentary was Thorne discussing her image and the public's perception of her.

"100% of everything I do is like, honestly, not that big of a deal. It's hard to be yourself," the actress explained. "I like to switch it up."

Thorne explained that she gets anxiety when she simply leaves the house because of the paparazzi. The singer, who suffers from cystic acne, also said that when she steps out without makeup, it's interpreted as "she must have been partying the night before, look at her skin, she's wrecked."

"Well that's me, here I am. Like it or leave it," Thorne explained, while showing off her many wacky outfits and colorful wigs.

Life After Disney

Bella started at Disney on the show "Shake It Up," something she said wasn't a choice but just paid the bills.

After her days at the Mouse House ended, Thorne said her agents wanted her to go from "Disney to comedy to lead love interest comedy to like Rachel McAdams type vibe."

"I love Rachel McAdams, but I'm not Rachel McAdams," Thorne explained. "I like the darker things. I like the gritty things. I like movies that feel uncomfortable, because that is what life is."

She also recalled trying to hide her personal life from the media and coming to the realization that it didn't matter anymore once she turned 18. "I was kissing my boyfriend and someone was video recording us, and I was like 'Hey, come up to me and ask for a photo. But I can't have this out. Something like this could be very, very bad for me,'" she said. "People could say, 'How could you do that, you whore? How could you kiss your boyfriend in a coffee shop?' And I take this phone and I'm going to delete the photo and I look at her and I'm like, 'I'm 18. Have it!'"

Her Relationship With Her Sister

The singer also talked about her strong relationship with her sister Dani Thorne, with whom she also lives. "If I didn't have her, I would feel completely alone," Bella said of Dani, who she also called a source of "guidance" and "inspiration."

The sisters showed their love of art in the documentary, as well as their eclectic home. Amid the vision boards, tie-dye and 12 cats, their abode was also decorated with a Babadook statue, a dinosaur, a cloud room and, of course, a teepee.

Seriously, watch the video -- the house tour is wild!

Her Fear of Driving

Another fact revealed in the documentary was Thorne's long-time fear of getting behind the wheel. "I've had a fear of driving since I was little," she explained, saying that her father died in a motorcycle accident.

"If I don't just try it, and do it and get over it, I'm always going to be so scared," she said. "I put it on my goals list for this year, one of my personal goals lists, so now I have to do it."

In the video, Thorne was seen taking a driving lesson in a parking lot, with paparazzi watching. Thorne responded by flipping off the photographer.

You do you, Bella!

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