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A family mystery is solved as two of the actor's relatives come through from the other side.

Chad Michael Murray's reading with "Hollywood Medium" Tyler Henry went to some dark places on Wednesday night, as the actor got some closure about his grandmother's mysterious death.

The former "One Tree Hill" star spoke with the psychic about the questions his family had about his mother's mom's passing. "The speculation from the stories that I got from my grandfather was is that he was arrested for her murder," he explained. "She died at 17 and she just had my mother. She was found with her hands tied behind her back, hung in the basement. That's one of the things we all want to know as a family, did she do it herself or did he do it?"

Murray went on to explain that his grandfather was cleared, as there wasn't "enough evidence" to implicate him in her death.

Henry said he was able to communicate with both parties. Regarding Murray's grandfather, the TV psychic said, "He's having me bring up an expression of wanting people to know ... there's this feeling of grandpa would have said or verbalized something to people before he died and after he died, his words were changed. After he dies, someone would have, from his perspective told a mistruth about what he did. He's like, no, I am not taking accountability for this."

Henry said that Murray's grandmother also wanted to shoulder the blame when she came through. "Before I got here, there was this woman who came through who I acknowledged passing away tragically. But it came through in a way of like, taking accountability to some extent for her actions," he told Murray. "But I'm thinking that it might have been even her way of trying to come through and say, 'Hey, this is something that I'm putting more on myself.' So, I don't think he killed your grandmother."

Upon hearing this, Murray asked, "She made the choice ... and there was nobody else potentially involved either?" Henry's response: "Based on what I can see, there's no indications of anyone else other than herself."

The actor went on to explain that his mom didn't learn the circumstances around her mother's death until after her father died. "For my mother, I think it really affected her. I can't imaging being in that position. It would rork your world to know everybody lied to you," he said in a confessional. "It's a catalyst that can send somebody into a downward spiral and maybe you can't get out of that spiral."

He added that his siblings and himself don't really have a relationship with their mom, but hope the reading might be able to help her in some way.

"I haven't known my mother since I was 10, it's a long time. Part of finding out this was for her, maybe she watched this and maybe she doesn't but let's say she sees it and now she can have that image of her dad and her true mom, together," he said. "It's a good image to give somebody."

"Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry" airs Wednesdays on E!

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