Fun Fact: Adam Sandler FaceTimes With Justin Bieber on Vacation
NBC, Fallon
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"He's a very nice kid," Sandler says of The Biebs.

Adam Sandler and Justin Bieber are such good friends they even FaceTime on vacation.

The actor shared the fun fact on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" Monday after the host asked if what he had read on the internet was true.

"I know the Biebs. I met him several times. He came to my show the other night, he's a very nice kid, very nice to my family," the actor explained before sharing his FaceTime story.

"I was in Hawaii. My kids were swimming in the pool and I had a FaceTime going with the Biebs," Sandler recalled. "And I said hi to the Biebs' family and then I said, 'While I got you, do you mind saying hi to my two kids?' And he said, 'Sure,' and so I flipped phone around and my kids get the hello, but there were like 50 other kids in the pool going, 'Oh my God!'"

Sandler stopped by the NBC late-night show with Chris Rock to talk about their new Netflix marriage comedy, "The Week Of," written and directed by Robert Smigel, an "SNL" O.G.

Fallon shared a story about working with Smigel in the past, but was hesistant to tell the tale at first.

"This is going to be a little dirty so I don't know if I can edit this out or whatever," the late-night host explained, to which Rock replied, "It's your show!"

Fallon shared the story, which did prove to sound dirty, as the majority of it was bleeped out.

"The Week Of" premieres April 27 on Netflix.

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