Vinny Didn't Try to Ruin Snooki's Marriage on 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation': 'I Was Not Grinding' (Exclusive Interview)
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"I do love Nicole, though -- as a friend," the reality star tells TooFab.

Vinny Guadagnino was accused of "trying to ruin" Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's marriage by the reality star herself during a recent episode of "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation," and although the two have hooked up in the past, Vinny told TooFab there was no ill intention behind his actions.

Vin said his "tiff" with Nicole a few episodes back -- when he drunkenly danced on her and then initiated a conversation about their "boundaries" -- felt so minor when it happened that he was shocked to see it become a storyline this season.

"Just looking back on it, I'm just like, 'Oh, wow, that happened and that was a storyline the whole time.' I had no idea that that was gonna be a thing," Vinny told TooFab. "Me and Nicole's fight felt like just a little tiff that we had on an afternoon, and it ended up being like this whole big, dramatic thing."

Vinny also wanted to make clear that he was "not grinding" on Nicole, despite how the scene appeared to viewers at home.

"I didn't even make contact with her, so I was not grinding," he said. "I was pretty much emulating grinding, like, 'Haha we're not allowed to be sitting next to each other, so I'm gonna run over to you and dance.' I knew I was gonna get that reaction, especially being drunk, so I'm kind of a smartass. I would never really touch Nicole or do anything inappropriate or cross any lines like that."

The reality star said he knew he had done nothing wrong but worried about how the audience would perceive the situation once he watched the episode. Shockingly enough, Snooki actually got blowback for "overreacting."

"All of Twitter basically yelled at Nicole and was like, 'What're you doing? He's not doing anything. Get over it,' which I don't necessarily agree with. I have to defend her a little bit, but I was safe, so that's all that matters," Vinny joked.

When asked if he thinks a small part of Nicole still has feelings for him, Vinny said, "Not at all."

"Me and Nicole had like a one-night stand or two one-night stands like 6 years ago," he said. "We've never really had any feelings for each other. I do love Nicole, though -- as a friend. There was never any feelings there, so the reactions you're getting are from her just knowing that this is gonna be on TV and things can be chopped and screwed and manipulated to look certain ways."

When asked if he had spoken to Nicole's husband, Jionni LaValle, after the episode in question aired, Vinny said no. In fact, he said he hasn't spoken to Jionni "since like the middle of Season 5 of 'Jersey Shore,'" which aired in early 2012.

Vinny was also the only "Jersey Shore" cast member not invited to Nicole and Jionni's wedding back in November 2014, which Vinny said hurt him even though he "completely understood where they were coming from."

Regarding Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's current storyline on the show, Vinny seems to think Ron did not betray his baby mama, Jen, when he brought another girl home from the club. According to Vinny, Ronnie only had the random blonde in his bathroom with the door closed for "probably for like 30 seconds" before Pauly D came knocking.

Vinny is also newly single. He and his girlfriend broke up shortly after he got back from filming "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation," but Vinny says it had nothing to do with escapades similar to Ronnie's.

"I was in a really good relationship," Vinny said of his now-ex. "I loved and cared about the girl I was with, and everything else [in Miami] seemed like a downgrade from that." Awwwww!

"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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