Bill Maher Calls Out 'Dear Friend' Roseanne Barr's Trump Support and Suggests This One Fix for Her Show
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"When he says he's, 'looking out for the little guy,' he's talking about his d-ck," jokes the host.

Bill Maher sent his "dear friend" Roseanne Barr a message on his show Friday night, addressing her support of Donald Trump in a monologue.

"Like it or not you are now the face of the Trump supporter," the "Real Time" host said Friday night. "Because you really do speak for a certain kind of American who knows they're being screwed by someone, they just don't know who. But here's what you're missing about Trump, when he says he's 'looking out for the little guy,' he's talking about his dick."

"You're a socialist! You've been one for thirty years!" Maher continued, urging Barr to remember her roots. "You're not Archie Bunker, you're Bernie Sanders."

He also compared Roseanne Conner's Trump support to a "Will & Grace" reboot starring a straight man, before offering up a solution for Season 2 of the reboot.

"So, here’s the deal. I get that you were mad as hell and wanted to throw a monkey wrench into the whole works, and I won’t judge that," the late-night host explained. "But if in the next six months you don’t see Trump’s magic starting to work for you, if you’re still trading pills and driving an Uber, wouldn’t the more realistic plot line for season two be your disillusionment with Donald Trump?"

"There's no shame in it," Maher continued. "You saw a miracle product on TV, and you ordered it. You impulse-purchased a Trump."

Barr's co-star Laurie Metcalf has a different opinion about the show's political bent. In a sneak peek at this weekend's "Sunday Today with Willie Geist" via PEOPLE, she said the show isn't pro-POTUS.

"I don't know why it got labeled that exactly for Trump's America because I don't think it's that," Metcalf explained. "We couldn't not address it."

Although she doesn't believe the show has a political angle, Metcalf's character Jackie is anti-Trump, presenting a household with opposite political views. "I thought the writers did it really well," the "Lady Bird" star said. "That it caused a rift in the family."

"They're not consciously writing it for a certain political view," she continued. "But some of the issues that are on these new shows, some are different like opioids addiction. And some are exactly the same of what they were 20 years ago."

"Roseanne" airs Tuesday nights on ABC.

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