Brandi Glanville Fires Back at 'Weirdo' Kyle Richards for Calling Her 'RHOBH' Behavior 'Scary'
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"I'm just VERY f-cking honest and you are VERY f-cking AFRAID of the truth," Glanville responds to her former reality TV co-star.

Shooting "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" with Brandi Glanville was not fun for Kyle Richards. In fact, she said it was downright "scary" at some points.

"It wasn't fun because you felt like you're walking through a landmine there," Kyle told Aliza Rosen on her "Reality of Reality" podcast this week.

"I'm all about being honest and if you're mad at someone, you can say what you're mad about. Someone does something to me, I will call them out," she continued. "What I don't like is people creating or making up something or being vicious just for the sake of being vicious, throwing a glass of wine in someone's face or smacking Lisa... It just felt scary. I don't want to be in an environment like that. I don't want to do a show like that. I just can't."

Kyle of course was referring to when Brandi slapped Lisa Vanderpump on a trip to Holland in 2015 and when the reality star threw a glass of wine at "RHOBH" co-star Eileen Davidson in Season 5.

It seemed that Brandi listened to the podcast, or at least heard about it, as the "Celebrity Big Brother" star appeared to respond to Kyle's comments on Twitter.

But Kyle did have some nice things to say about her former co-star, too. When Rosen asked if her guest thinks Brandi is ultimately a good person, the current Housewife responded, "I think of course she has that side."

"I think she's a wounded person," Kyle added. "She loves her boys. I've seen her where she can be fun. I like when people are fun. She can be funny. Of course I think that she's a good person."

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