Zendaya's Wild Style

Everyone is not ready to celebrate at this party just yet.

There could be tension brewing between Zendaya's stylist Law Roach and event planner David Tutera in this sneak peek at Friday's episode of "David Tutera's Celebrations."

It seems that everything that could go wrong does while preparing for the actress' launch party for her shoe line, Daya by Zendaya.

After Tutera discovers they lost the planned venue for the bash, he wants to be extra careful that the actress and her stylist don't find out about the dilemma at a wardrobe fitting in this TooFab exclusive clip.

"I don't want Law to have any clue that we have no venue at this point," the party planner says in the clip. "Because if Zendaya finds out, she'll get stressed out, which I don't want. But I need the fashion to work with the concept of the design I've created for the event."

Roach has his concerns as well, but his are about Tutera staying in his lane. "I am a bit worried about David trying to take over my world," the stylist explains, as Tutera enters the showroom with fellow planner Slomique Hawrylo. "But I'm going to let him do what he does and I hope kind of pays the same respect and let me do what I do."

After a friendly greeting, things seem to take a turn when Zendaya admits that she doesn't like to try on clothes. "I don't like to change, I'm too lazy," the "The Greatest Showman" star says, to which Hawrylo incredulously replies, "You're not going to try anything on?"

"I'll try it on over my clothes," Zendaya reassured her. However, Tutera didn't take this little comment lightly, saying in a confessional, "Can you explain to me how we're supposed to pick the perfect outfit for Zendaya if she won't even try the clothes on?"

The wardrobe fitting and venue loss aren't the only issues Tutera has to deal with while planning the party. In another, extended preview for the episode, it appears the shoes for the shoe launch go missing.

See how the party turns out when "David Tutera's Celebrations" airs Friday at 10/9 c on WeTV.

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