Bill Maher Defends Comedians Amy Schumer and Michelle Wolf in the Age of 'Peak Snowflake'
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"Real Time" host also suggests getting rid of "bullshit" press briefings at the White House since Sarah Huckabee Sanders just lies.

Bill Maher came to the defense of fellow comedians Amy Schumer and Michelle Wolf on his HBO show Friday night.

In his segment "Explaining Jokes to Idiots," the "Real Time" star pushed back against body shaming criticism surrounding Schumer's film "I Feel Pretty," before moving on to trashing Wolf's haters.

"The professionally offended have decided that even though it’s a movie by women filmmakers presenting a pro-woman message, 'it does it the wrong way!'" Maher said. "Amy helped wrong, even though she really just remade 'The Nutty Professor,' where someone not thin and not cool magically see themselves as better looking and gain confidence, except when Eddie Murphy did it, he didn’t have the purity police up his ass."

The PG-13 romantic comedy follows an insecure woman who bumps her head and then suddenly sees herself as beautiful. As TooFab previous reported, the movie became under fire months before its release as people believed that it promoted fat shaming and a negative body imagine.

Maher then read through various bad reviews from publications including The Hollywood Reporter and Rolling Stone, which criticized the film for "fat shaming" and "a questionable message of empowerment." The comedian also ripped The Independent for reviewing simply the trailer, ripping it as "offensive" and "exhausting."

"Exhausted by a movie trailer? I think we’ve reached peak snowflake," Maher joked.

Another issue people took with the film was that it didn't contain a African-American lead. "Can’t we just sit in a movie theater, unclench our assholes for two hours and laugh at what it is instead of dissecting for what it is not?" he said. "Movie reviews, they’re not even reviews anymore. They’re just, 'How come you made the movie you made and not the one I would have made?'"

Schumer heard his defense of the movie, and was grateful.

When sticking up for Wolf in wake of backlash over her White House Correspondents' Dinner roast of Trump, Washington and the media, Maher argued she simply spoke "truth to power," which is a regular occurence when a comedian speaks at the event.

"Michelle Wolf... I thought did a great job talking truth to power," the HBO star said. "These people have Groundhog Day Syndrome. Every year it’s 'Let’s hire a comedian to tell jokes! And the day after it’s 'Why did we hire a comedian to tell jokes?'"

Here's an idea: Keep the comedians, but get rid of "bullsh-t" White House Press briefings and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

"I heard from people in the press this week that they’re just fed up with Sarah Huckabee Sanders at this point," Maher said.

"We know this is the lyingest administration ever," he said. "What is the point of going into this room every day and having this Baghdad Bob person just tell you this bullshit that you know is bullshit and she knows is bullshit? They should walk out en masse and make a statement."

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