Katy Perry is All of Us Hanging with the Cast at the 'Westworld' Season 2 Premiere

What is the Ghost Nation up to? Did Teddy just screw himself? And why is Delos so stupid?

Oh, word? Is that right, "Westworld?" You’ve got some explaining to do after a third episode like that!

Fine, we’ll allow it. And, nevermind. Don’t explain. Guessing is half the fun.


Hello, New Park!

Neat! Our first official look inside one of the other parks -- and here everyone was assuming it would be Shogunworld first. Nope, we got a look at a couple of tiger-hunters in what fans are calling "Raj World" that, and let’s be real, deserved what was waiting for them. It’s fun that two non-hosts got it on in the park (we were a little tired of human-on-robot action anyway), but they were there to hunt robo-tigers, which still feels wrong somehow, no matter how CGI’d they look.

Anyway, beyond meeting a new park, we were introduced to a new character, Grace. Looking past the affinity for big game hunting, we like that she's yet another strong woman for the series. But who is she, and what role does she play?

And what in the world was that map she was drawing? Is she like Rajworld’s version of the Man in Black?

Also, if you’re keeping score:

  1. Westworld
  2. Shogunworld
  3. ???
  4. ???
  5. ???
  6. Rajworld (The Delos folks saw the dead tiger, remember? Mentioned it was from Park 6.)

We’re still hoping for Denver, ColoradoWorld.

What Did Bernard Find in Abernathy?

And more importantly: What did he do with it? We saw Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) finally crack into the encryption inside of Abernathy (which, guys, is an incredible performance by Louis Herthum), and it shook him hard.

As a robot himself, did Bernard speed-read all the info, or did he download it to himself for future parsing? Bernard said Abernathy has been skipping between narratives, and we’ve seen Bernard doing a little mind-skipping as well this season.

The Beginning of a New Enemy?

Oh shoot, Teddy! Why didn’t you shoot Craddock? Are you trying to get on Dolores's (Evan Rachel Wood) bad side?

For real though, with the glimpse of Teddy’s body in the water at the end of Episode 1, we’re probably meant to jump to the conclusion that they’ll eventually turn on each other. But, and hear us out -- maybe this is just another step towards a woke Teddy, one that is reaching the center of his own maze?

There’s nothing wrong with a little drama, don’t get us wrong, but Dolores isn’t about to turn on Teddy so fast when she was literally calling him the only person she had left just hours before.

Then again, wasn’t Teddy meant to fight Wyatt in older narratives? Is a choice between narratives still a choice?

The Ghost Nation Is Up to Something

Don’t care about confederates, and we definitely don’t care about all the humans with future guns mowing down robots -- that’s all smoke and mirrors for the real question on our minds: Just what in the hell is the Ghost Nation up to? We’ve been seeing them a lot, and we got them twice this week.

First they wanted Lee something fierce at the river, and at the end of the episode they found our newest character, Grace, washed up on shore. And remember how Stubbs was captured by them in Season 1 and is somehow just fine in the beach timeline?

What if the Ghost Nation is some sort of hidden security? Could Ford have programmed them this way since the beginning, as his own task force? Or maybe right before the party massacre, at least?

Could they have been just trying to rescue Lee from Maeve? It sure didn’t look like they were trying very hard to murder the trio as they ran off! The whole thing just felt WEIRD.

Seems like pretty realistic* scenario to us!

(*Realistic for a show about robots in the future, we mean.)

For Creating a World of Sophisticated Robots, Delos Sure Is Stupid

This isn’t even a theory, we’re just mad as hell that all those "elite" Delos soldiers that literally walked up to the fort like a bunch of idiots. Seriously? It’s the future and there’s no tech to help you, and literally no strategy?

That fight should have been easy.

Hell, it’s 2018 and drones exist. Also grenades! Rocket launchers! Helicopters with missiles! Are you telling us there’s nothing like that at their disposal in the future? There’s no room in the park's seemingly infinite budget for one sniper on a hill a mile away taking out all the soldiers from afar?

Maybe Dolores and her small battalion of sentient robots have a shot taking down this company, after all.

What’s Keeping Guests From Park Hopping?

A laser tripwire that can be vaulted, an alarm and a little swimming? This is also not a theory, and we’re not sorry for bringing it up.

Just like buying one ticket to a movie and seeing four different flicks on a Saturday, why wouldn’t someone get one expensive ticket to a park and then just enjoy the rest?

Remember this plan 50 years from now when HBO finally wises up and creates robotic theme parks based on their most successful shows. Game of Thrones World, The Wire World and Sex and the City World in one day? It might be possible! You're welcome and see ya next week!

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