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"I'd be interested," the sitcom star tells James Corden.

It looks like another TV reunion could be on the horizon. Zach Braff said he would be down for more "Scrubs."

"Yeah, you never know. I mean, it seems like everyone wants that so much these days," Braff told James Corden on "The Late Late Show" Monday night. "I’m doing 'Alex Inc' now, but maybe if it was TV movie or something, I don’t know. In some, incarnation I’d be interested."

And it sounds like it wouldn't be that difficult to convince another "Scrubs" star to come on board. "I’m still best friends with Donald Fasion, who plays Turk," Braff added.

The popular medical comedy ran from 2001 to 2010, and Braff still remembers what his first big purchase was when he became successful from his breakout role.

"Well right away I bought like a showerhead, cause I needed a showerhead," the actor said. "Eventually, when I made a lot of money I bought a Porsche, because as I said, I loved cars so much, so I bought my first really nice car."

Braff also added that a girl he was dating at the time didn't like sports cars and found it "gawdy," arguing it was just a way for him to prove his masculinity. He defended the luxury vehicle as a "beautiful piece of machinery" when he spotted a nearly identical model on the road.

"And as we pull up to a red light, the window is down and it’s Fabio," he said. "She turns to me, she goes 'I rest my case.' But I looked way better in mine than Fabio looked in his."

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