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Disorderly? Check. Intoxicated? Check. Resisting arrest? Yes, the Bravo reality star admits "it's all true."

"Real Housewives of New York" star Luann de Lesseps got real with Dr. Oz Wednesday about that drunken arrest in a hotel, as well as her possible alcoholism.

While appearing on the daytime talk show to discuss emotional struggles that she believes led to the dramatic arrest this past Christmas Eve, she owned up to acting "ridiculous" at the time of the incident, which involved the reality star striking one of the arresting officers.

"So what happened, this is the craziest thing. So what happened was they come now to arrest me. Now, I'm a drunk woman in a hotel room in my own hotel, but the wrong room, granted," Luann told Oz. "So they come after me and I was drunk, so I wasn't equipped to handle it. And I got scared and I ran like a child to the bathroom. OK, and so I locked myself in the bathroom and then he tried to open the door, and he opened the door and then I closed the door and it hit him in the forehead. So that's battery that I did on a police officer."

When her host asked her to confirm "disorderly" behavior, "intoxication" and "resisting arrest" on the show, she responded, "Totally. I cop to it."

"Yes. It's all true. It's ridiculous, but it's true," she added. "And I feel so terrible, because it's so not me."

Dr. Oz asked his guest, point blank, if she considers herself an alcoholic. Luann's response indicated it's a question that has been on her mind.

"You know, it's a good question. I don't really know. I think that I'm a self-medicator, that's for sure," Lessep said. "I think that I was using alcohol to numb my pain and my emotions until it didn't work for me anymore, until it got me into a lot of trouble."

Oz dug deeper: "What would it take for you to decide that you can't drink alcohol ever again?"

"You know, I don't know. I live in the moment. I live for today," Lesseps said. "For today it's just not drinking and I don't really want to drink right now. I don’t need it. I’m actually better without it, I’m so much better without it."

At another point during the emotional interview, Luann started to tear up and asked for a tissue while reflecting on trauma from her past that may be spurring her dependency on alcohol.

"There was a car accident. I tumbled down a mountainside with the two children in the car in Switzerland, and I thought I killed myself and my children. I really did," she said of the 1999 accident. "I thought I was going to be dead. It was really rough. I'm sorry. I think I need a Kleenex now."

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