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"Sarah Huckabee Sanders called and she was like, 'I loved it so much. I got every joke,'" the sarcastic comedian says.

Michelle Wolf dropped by her old stomping ground at "Late Night with Seth Meyers" Wednesday for her first sit-down interview since hurting the feelings of sensitive politicians and journalists alike during her savage White House Correspondents' Dinner stand-up set.

"It went great and every single person loved it," Wolf joked while talking to her old boss. "Across the board, everyone loved it. Even, actually, Sarah Huckabee Sanders called and she was like, 'I loved it so much. I got every joke.'"

Wolf was vilified in the media for jokes about Sanders' "smokey eye" and pretty much everything else she said during her appearance at the WHCD.

All that controversy only served to prove that there is no such thing as bad press, because video of Wolf's set quickly went viral, amassing 4.4 million viewers in only three days -- which is 100,000 more then 4.3 million views Meyers' WHCD set got...after seven years.

"I think that means I'm the father of your children now," Wolf concluded. Meyers followed that up with a picture of Wolf returning to celebratory cheers from her writers after she spoke. When he asked what they were shouting, Wolf joked, "They're chanting, 'Lock her up!'"

He then gave her a chance to pitch her new upcoming Netflix show, "The Break with Michelle Wolf," which premieres May 27. "I would have to say that if you hated the Correspondents Dinner, you're really gonna hate this show," she said.

There was an easy camaraderie between the pair as they chatted and reminisced about Wolf's time as a writer on the late-night show. "I learned a lot from you. Like every morning I walk into the writers room and reference a foreign film that no one's possibly seen," she told him.

"I always assumed that after I left the room you all talked about how exciting it was I told you about a film you didn't want to see," Meyers said.

"Yeah, that's what we said," Wolf deadpanned. As for her new writing team, Wolf said, "I'm really luck because I don't have any Michelles on my staff. So all my writers are really nice."

Later, Meyers brought Wolf back out to help with a segment called "Jokes Seth Can't Say" because he's a straight, white male. Wolf joined two other writers to bring representation to the screen. But despite him begging her to try and keep it clean this time, Wolf totally did not.

As an example, one setup Meyers gave her was, "Florida police say a fisherman was recently arrested for splashing water on a group of manatees that were mating." Her punchline was, "Said one female manatee, at least somebody finally got me wet."

Catch more dirty jokes when "The Break with Michelle Wolf" premieres on Netflix, Sunday, May 27.

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