What Carol Burnett Told Andy Cohen About Meeting Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump and JFK
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Find out which star Carol Burnett thought was "charming" and who she shaded on Thursday's "Watch What Happens Live."

Carol Burnett stopped by "Watch What Happens Live" Thursday night, and Andy Cohen couldn't help but wonder how many famous faces the 85-year-old firecracker has met in her day.

During a game of "Has Carol Met Them?" Andy rattled off a list of celebrities to find out just how many different generations of stars his guest has managed to meet.

Carole admitted she's never met Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, any Pope, O.J. Simpson or Marilyn Monroe -- but she has met Richard Nixon, Frank Sinatra, Kim Kardashian, Judy Garland, Donald Trump, Elvis Presley and John F. Kennedy.

Here's what the actress had to say about those encounters:

Richard Nixon

When Carole said she once met Richard Nixon, Andy asked her what he was like.

"What would you expect?" Carol replied with just a hint of shade.

Frank Sinatra

"He was pretty charming," the comedian said.

Kim Kardashian

"Speaking of Sinatra, have you ever met Kim Kardashian?" Andy asked.

"Yes! I met her on the last Jay Leno show when he had a bunch of people come on to say goodbye to him. She was there," Carol replied.

"I heard that if 'The Carol Burnett Show' were on today, you would've loved to do the Kardashians," Andy said.

Carol laughed and said, "We would've been doing the Kardashians, I guarantee it!"

Judy Garland

"One of the funniest women, people, anybody -- funniest people I've ever known," Carol said of the "Wizard of Oz" star. "She was such a great storyteller, great sense of humor, lovely. Big, big loss. Way too soon."

Donald Trump

"A long time ago, I was with Beverly Sills, you know, the wonderful opera singer -- we were having lunch at the Plaza Hotel, and as we were leaving, [Trump] was coming into the lobby," Carol said. "She knew him and introduced me to him."

Elvis Presley

"When I was on 'The Ed Sullivan Show,' [I met Elvis] when he did his second appearance when he was in uniform," Carol said.

"Oh, my God, so he was super hot!" Andy said.

"Oh, yeah," Carol replied. "And I got his autograph for my kid sister! He was very sweet."

"Was there any chemistry between the two of you?" Andy asked.

"I thought so, but he didn't," she joked.


"Did you ever meet JFK?" Andy asked.

"With Judy Garland and Danny Kaye, because we went into the Oval Office 'cause we were gonna do a show in Washington, D.C., for his second inauguration, and so he had us come in and we met him," Carol said.

"Charming?" Andy asked.

"Oh, whoa, was he! Oh, yeah," she replied, adding that she also met his wife, Jackie Kennedy.

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