Bill Maher Trashes Trump's 'Mob-Like' Administration -- Not a Reality Show, 'More Like a Scorsese Movie'
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"He’s so much like a don, his name is literally Don," jokes the "Real Time" host.

Bill Maher thinks that Donald Trump's administration is basically the mob, and broke down a pretty thorough argument, starting with the president welcoming "toxic trash" figures from New York City, including Michael Cohen, Rudy Giuliani and Anthony Scaramucci.

"Here’s my theory," the "Real Time" host said in his "New Rule" segment Friday night. "You didn’t like it that the country had been 'taken over' by liberals and feminists and elites. Whatever. So you were feeling vulnerable and disrespected, so you brought in some muscle from the East Coast for protection and now you’re married to the mob."

"Because that's what this administration is, a protection racket," the late-night host continued. "That’s what freaked out Comey about Trump. He had served Democrats and Republicans. He never worked for Childish Gambino. He couldn’t believe it when Trump said to him, 'I hope you can let this go,' like the health inspector just found a finger in the linguini."

Maher explained how Trump's presidency isn't as much of a reality show as people thought, but "more like a Scorsese movie." "Everything Trump does is modeled on the mob," the HBO host said. "When he was accused of sexual harassment, he brought in Bill Clinton’s accusers to sit in the gallery at the debate, just like Michael Corleone brought Frank Pentangeli’s brother into court."

"Who does Trump surround himself with?" Maher asked his audience. "Disposable lawyers and idiot members of his own family. Who’s his worst enemy? The FBI. Where does his money come from? He’s in construction."

"He’s so much like a don, his name is literally Don," Maher joked. "What part of this isn’t mob-like?"

The comedian explained that he never liked Trump, but his presidency has been a "revelation."

"I always thought of him as an egomaniac and a blowhard," Maher said. "But I did not realize until this year, he’s a cheap hood all along, a common thug."

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