'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion: Lala Finally Spills on Homewrecking Rumors With Boyfriend Randall Emmett and Challenges Lisa on Feminism
Relive 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 5 Reunion

"I love Lala, but she's not exactly the quintessential feminist if she's talking about, 'Well, I give a BJ, and I get the jewelry,'" Lisa Vanderpump says.

Lala Kent finally got real about her "man" -- movie producer Randall Emmett -- on Part 2 of the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion. Finally!

Since her start on Season 4, Lala has tried to keep her "man" out of the spotlight, but her expensive cars and private jet excursions set off some alarms among the SURvers. Lala was called everything from a homewrecker to a gold digger -- claims she finally addressed Monday night.

"Let me ask you this," Andy Cohen said to Lala. "You've been together for a while. You're clearly very happy. You denied over the years all of the allegations that your boyfriend was married. It seems that maybe he was married when you started dating, correct?"

"Well, when I met Rand, he had a legal separation, so I don't see how I did anything wrong," Lala replied, taking a long pause before using her man's name.

Andy then asked who from the group had met Randall, and everyone -- including Lisa Vanderpump -- raised their hand. Andy also asked if Randall watched the show. Lala said he did, but even cooler is what she said next: "Martin Scorsese loves the show."

"Are you shitting me?!" Stassi Schroeder blurted out.

Andy pressed Lala to tell him the kinds of gifts Randall gives her, to which she replied, "Shoes, purses, cars."

"Materialistic things," Scheana Marie whispered under her breath while rolling her eyes.

"Everyone can sit there and be like, 'Her man does this, her man does that.' It's like, OK, you're just mad 'cause your man doesn't do that," Lala said in reference to Scheana's comment. "Whenever I make music, it comes out of my pocket. My rent -- my man gave me a cap, which, we are well above the cap, so mama payin' a lot for rent. As far as my cars go, it's like, 'Here's the lease, but you best be payin' insurance.'"

"Multiple cars?" Andy asked.

"I'm in an I8 today," Lala replied. (We did the research for you: An I8 is a type of BMW that starts at around $147,000.)

"Like Lisa, I have it for a few months just to like dink around," Lala said of her current whip as she pointed at Lisa.

"Not like Lisa," Lisa immediately replied. "Lisa works for it and doesn't have somebody paying for it."

This season, Lala was very vocal about feminism, empowering women and "power of the pussy."

When Andy asked Lala what her definition of feminism was, Lisa chimed in and said, "It's different to everybody else's, that's for sure."

"I don't think there's one way to portray being a feminist," Lala explained. "For me, the female body is beautiful, and if you wanna bring your tits out to do this, that and the other, you just do you, boo."

Andy then asked Lisa if she agreed with Lala's "idea of new-age feminism."

"I love Lala, but she's not exactly the quintessential feminist if she's talking about, 'Well, I give a BJ, and I get the jewelry.'"

"Well, keep in mind I'm blowing my boyfriend. I'm not blowing some random guy for the jewelry," Lala fired back. "C'mon!"

Part 3 of the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion airs Monday, May 21 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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