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In one final game of "True American" in the loft, we get a sweet flash-forward of the gang playing with their many, many children.

There was a lot to unpack in the one-hour series finale of "New Girl," and even more to pack. Zooey Deschanel's sweet buddy comedy may not have the cultural buzz it did seven years ago when it first premiered on Fox, but it still has the same heart and it was nice to get a chance to say farewell one last time with the loft gang.

The only thing really missing from making this a true tribute and farewell for "New Girl" was Coach (Damon Wayans, Jr.). Yes, we know he showed up a few weeks back for the funeral episode, but he was in the original pilot and even rejoined the cast briefly midway through the show's run, so it would have been nice to see him round out the series with an appearance here as well.

Series creator Elizabeth Meriwether and company went out with two of the most pivotal moments in the lives of the gang. First up, it was about damned time that Jess and Nick (Jake Johnson) finally got married, even if the "wedding curse" upended absolutely everything they had planned. This was the perfect sendoff to the sitcom, but then they had one more.

Think of it as an encore.

In that final final episode, everything came full circle as Nick and Jess became the last two to finally move out of the loft. Not that they left because they necessarily wanted to, but because they'd been being served eviction notices all season long. The big twist for the final moments was that the whole eviction was Winston's (Lamorne Morris) most epic prank yet! They weren't really evicted at all, he just gave them the kick in the pants they needed to move on with their lives. He definitely went too big on that one, but it was probably for the best.

So where does that leave all your favorites? We've broken it down for you below.

  • Jess: Finally married to the man of her dreams and ready to step out and become a new "new girl," Jess has officially left the loft. Her eye recovered from the cornea scratch that forced her to wear an eyepatch during her impromptu hospital wedding (more on that in a sec) and in a touching flash forward scene that saw the gang playing True American with their children, it looks like she and Nick have a son.

  • Nick: After Jake Johnson broke his hand, Nick had to break his, too, so he did so by fighting with Jess' ex (Dermot Mulroney) moments before their wedding. He did finally get to marry his pirate wench, but the "wedding curse" first cost him his book deal. But perhaps the biggest moment for Nick was when he finally tried the foot lotion Schmidt had been getting him since they first became friends and for the first time ever, told his bestie, "I love you, man."

  • Schmidt & Cece: Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone had a pretty low-key episode, after brutally savaging Nick alongside Winston as part of their Best Man roast. Schmidt did get to fondly(?) remember that time he broke his penis when Jess trotted out a bunch of junk from their time together in the loft, but it was more a nod for the audience to remember all the good times as they were coming to a close. In the future, he and Cece are revealed to have even more kids in the biggest game of True American ever staged.

  • Winston & Aly: Nasim Pedrad's Aly finally went into labor ... on Nick and Jess' wedding day, of course. This resulted in Nick and Jess simply deciding to get married right there, with Aly lamenting she was wearing white (a hospital gown) at a wedding. As that flash-forward proved, it would be the first of many times she would wear that gown as she and Winston had no less than five children playing True American with their parents and their best friends. It was one of the show's most touching moments, that brief glimpse into a future filled with family, laughter, love, and most importantly, their enduring friendship.

  • The Loft: Thanks to Winston's bizarre prank, the loft was left completely empty by the close of the hour. Nick and Jess had found a new apartment and their friends had helped them pack and move. Sure, the show could have left them in the loft, but this felt more right. A new home is the impetus for Nick and Jess to move on with their lives, and they can always use a push. The loft is where this group became friends, and as we saw in that flash-forward, the friendship survives them moving on, leaving the space free to perhaps bring another group of people together to form a new family built on friendship.

  • BONUS: Tran (Ralph Ahn) has been Nick's wise and mostly silent guru since Season 2. Though he's rarely spoken, or given any sort of facial expression, his sage advice has nevertheless helped Nick through some tough times. After a final silent appearance, he is last seen in the backseat of the limo that Russel (Mulroney) drove to bring Aly and the gang to the hospital. "Drive!" he says in a deep, menacing voice, and we never see either character again. Perhaps there's a dark side to Tran we never knew, and a wild adventure currently under way with him and Russell.

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