Backstreet Boys Celebrate 25 Years With New Single, New Music Video, Classic Dance Moves
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BSB and NKOTB -- Then & Now

The music video for "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" is quintessential BSB, featuring all five members of the classic boy band.

It's like the '90s never ended with the latest music video from the eternal boy band Backstreet Boys.

25 years after they first came together in Orlando, Florida, the Boys are back with "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," the lead single for their first album in five years.

Their energy and dance moves remain as strong as ever in this new video, which sparks and flashes like the best excesses of the decade that made them. And perhaps most importantly for fans of the band that battled with Justin Timberlake's *NSYNC** for boy band supremacy, it is quintessential BSB.

A high-energy dance track, the number sees the Boys (Nick Carter, Howie D, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Kevin Richardson) dancing in sharp unison as a sexy girl lies there ... well, looking sexy. And as usual, they take turns sharing the lead vocals throughout the song. It's a classic sound for the group paired perfectly with a classic throwback video vibe. If they didn't look older in it, you'd swear this was pulled right through time.

"I'm not that kind of person / Who can fall in and out of love with you / That's not what love's supposed to do," they sing on the track's chorus with raised eyebrows and puppy dog eyes. ""Baby don't go breaking my heart / 'cause it's the only one I got!" D'aww!

The Backstreet Boys are continuing to enjoy a Las Vegas residency that began in March 2017. Currently scheduled to run through Nov. 17, could they be planning to wait that long to drop their long-awaited ninth studio album? Or perhaps they'll drop that album later this summer or early fall, and be wrapping up their residency just in time to hit the road in support of it.

Either way, this new single is just the kind of ear candy BSB fans have been waiting for, as well as the promise that the long-awaited new album is coming ever closer. Who's ready to get in line outside the record store with our BSB CDs and Walkmans so we can be first to buy tickets to their show?!

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