A Look Back at Royal Weddings of the Past Century

Ferrell and Shannon reprise the Tish & Cord characters from their Rose Bowl Parade coverage to cover the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for HBO.

Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell are reprising their dim-witted local newscaster duo Tish & Cord to provide royal wedding commentary for HBO, much like they did for Amazon during the Rose Bowl Parade, and were busy getting into character on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday.

It was basically a "Saturday Night Live" reunion for host Jimmy Fallon, and anyone who watched the sketch show then knows what that means: lots and lots of breaking and laughter.

Even Ferrell, who was usually the best at staying in character and keeping his composure, lost it on more than one occasion. Nevertheless, he persisted and presented the true idiocy of Cord. "I've only been to Europe once. I was in Toronto and what a whirlwind," he told Fallon. "The language differences, the signs, the pushy people, the funny currency. I was like, 'I'm good, get me back across the pond and back over to the U.S."

The pair talked about the challenges of living on London time (so they're prepared) while still in the United States, and raved about Lifetime's recent movie, "Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance."

"I thought it was a documentary, that's how real that was," Cord (Ferrell) said.

They then talked about fellow "SNL" alum Tim Meadows joining Tish & Cord for their coverage, which got them to talking about Fallon's time on the show. Of course, Ferrell and Shannon were pretending to know nothing about that experience. "You were on the show," Tish (Shannon) pointed out, asking, "How did you keep a straight face?"

Of course, Fallon collapsed into laughter. After recovering, he lied, "I was known as the ice man. I would never crack, never break."

As a public service to us all, Fallon simply had to drag the pair into the ongoing debate of our time: laurel or yanny? Tish said she heard "laurel," to the delight of the audience. When Fallon asked Cord what he heard, he said, "I hear 'Whassup!' from the Budweiser frogs."

Finally, the duo premiered a song they'd written for the royal couple and it is even worse than you can imagine. You can check that out below, but don't say we didn't warn you.

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