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Jason Segel, John Oliver, Willem Dafoe and more stars lend their talents to a supernatural adventure mystery series dreamed up by a group of little kids.

Stephen Colbert teamed up with a bunch of kids Wednesday to create one of the most original, star-studded shows of the fall TV season. Unfortunately, we doubt "Strangest Things: The Golden Mysteries" will get a full season pickup past this ridiculous pilot episode, but we're crossing our fingers.

In a "Late Show" segment called "Kids Pitch," the CBS host sat down with a group of young minds to come up with a new TV show, and argue about The Beatles' greatest album in the process, a debate that would go on to influence the series Colbert and the kids crafted.

"Do you like creepy things? Creepy is selling big right now: 'Black Mirror,' 'American Horror Story,' 'Fox & Friends,'" Colbert joked to get the brainstorming session rolling.

Before we get to the final product, here are a few of the ideas the kids contributed:

  • Dream cast: Nick Cannon, Brooke Shields, Jeff Daniels, John, Paul, George and Ringo.

  • The story: A boy and a girl "meet somewhere in Florida, but in a dark alleyway." And then that "dark alley leads into a cave, the other side is a magical park." Then "an alien spaceship is gonna come out, and then a giant alien comes out," as they hunt for gold hidden in Egypt, "but there is one more piece of gold that they're looking for and it's in Florida, and it's hidden in another apartment -- it's hidden in a drawer, but another drawer is in it, but it's in a wall."

  • The antagonist: "Can there be two witches -- a good witch and an evil witch?" Then another kid chimed in to add more depth to this plot point. "Because then the evil witch doesn't want them to reverse the curse, but the good witch does."

  • The curse: "They turn at night [into] penguins."

This already sounds better than most of the actual new TV shows premiering on networks this fall.

It looks like "The Late Show" wasn't able to afford the star power of Nick Cannon, but they did get Shields and "The View" host Whoopi Goldberg to return to her acting roots as the good witch, so we're in.

Watch the video above to see how it all came together, and which Hollywood stars were cast as The Beatles and Jeff Daniels.

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