Amy Schumer Says It 'Would Suck' to Be Meghan Markle at Royal Wedding: 'It’s Like the Westminster Dog Show'
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"This poor girl," the comedian says ahead of the "Suits" star's wedding to Prince Harry.

Amy Schumer is far from envious of Meghan Markle marrying Prince Harry. In fact, she said the entire royal wedding "would suck" to be involved in.

The "I Feel Pretty" star unloaded on the highly anticipated royal extravaganza, comparing it to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show while calling into Australian radio show Fitzy and Wippa Thursday.

"This poor girl," Schumer said. "Your wedding, everyone says it’s your day. It’s your day. She’s like, 'No, it’s not.' She has to meet all these foreign dignitaries she’s never met before, there’s so much pressure. Can you imagine having a worse wedding?"

"That would suck," she added. "Her girls from high school aren’t going to be there. It’s like a parade. It’s like the Westminster Dog Show."

Although her friends from high school aren't going to be there, Markle's "Suits" co-stars and actress Priyanka Chopra will, plus maybe even some of the Spice Girls.

It does makes sense that large, televised weddings aren't Schumer's thing, as the "I Feel Pretty" star married Chris Fisher in an intimate, private wedding in February. The wedding was a secret and surprise event, so a grandiose affair might not be her cup of tea.

But if it happens to be your cup of tea, be sure to check back in with TooFab this Saturday for everything you need to know about the biggest royal wedding since, well, the last royal wedding. We'll have all the celebrity arrivals, fashion (and hats!), plus the biggest moments from before, during and after the ceremony that everyone we'll be talking about.

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