'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny Guadagnino Lashes Out at Wendy Williams and Twitter Trolls After He's Accused of Cheating
Behind the Scenes of 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation'

The reality star warns fans to not "be so naive to the edited parts and sound bites" of his show.

"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" star Vinny Guadagnino admits he did things that made his then-girlfriend "uncomfortable" while filming the new season, but cheating, that's a charge he doesn't take lightly.

After "The Wendy Williams Show" sent out a tweet on Tuesday morning saying "Vinny's ex is flipping out after seeing him cheat on #JerseyShore," he launched into an hour-long Twitter spree to clear his name.

The tweet from Williams' account was in reference to Vinny's ex, model Elicea Shyann, slamming the reality star and the fan reaction to their relationship woes. "I'm a real f-cking person who wakes up DAILY to more and more bullshit and heartache. Enjoy the f-cking show that is my f-cking life. People wonder how people end up in the darkest places. Here's your answer," she posted, then deleted. Elicea also posted a series of photos with Vinny, writing, "Humiliation, disrespect, zero empathy lol it's truly AMAZING. Everyone lives for the drama, watching good things go to shit."

The messages came after Vinny was seen getting wild with a woman with a "big, fat booty" and scoring two bottle service girls' phone numbers on the most recent episode of the MTV series. Vin later called Elicea to tell her what happened. Her response: "With your girlfriend at home, getting a bitch's number out doesn't look good for you."

In response to the Wendy tweet, Vinny said, "Lmao. 'Seeing him cheat.' That's fake news." After a follower commented by saying "he never cheated," Guadagnino got sarcastic with his response. "Dude don't you know? Talking to bottle girls in a night club is cheating duh. Forget the guys who have side pieces, cheat on their wives, text, and f-ck girls ... you're nice to waitress you cheat."

When another fan said she wished more men were like Vinny, he joked, "I'm a monster. I really shouldn't have been secure in my relationship enough to go out, be nice to people, be fun and entertaining and still remain loyal. I gave compliments to bottle girls on tv so I'm the worst man alive! Get it right."

Another follower called him out for calling one of the women "so hot" and giving out his phone number. His response to that one: "Hmm -- Yep... I can give other girls drunk compliments and still love and be loyal to my girl.. and that wasn't my phone it was the house itouch (we don't have phones) so that we can all turn up again as a group. (While still remaining loyal)<-impossible right?!"

"But carrying a stripper 3 feet like a child, and telling our new waitress friends to hang out w/ our group again because we all were friends is CHEATING? We are drunk in clubs filming show havin fun," he added. "I'm just havin fun though because the stupidity of some humans is amazing. I admit I did things that made my gf UNCOMFORTABLE, but throwin the word cheating around is such click bait dishonesty." He added that the girls first told him to take their numbers, something he said MTV edited out.

He went on to say that he and his ex had a "very secure relationship" when they were together, one he said was "easy" and where he "didn't have to hide who I was." After another follower said he "did not take responsibility" for what he did, Vinny continued to clap back. "Umm I called my girl every night to take her though my night. Would every guy do that?" he asked. "Don't be so naive to the edited parts and sound bites where you hear 2 seconds of hour long convos and sentences literally being pieced together to make it look a way #tvmagic."

He ended his takedown by saying, "I love trolls. I eat them for breakfast. They are very Keto," and telling the haters to, "Keep rollin. You are great people!"

Vinny told TooFab in an interview last month that he and Elicea broke up shortly after he got back from filming "Family Vacation," but he assured us it had nothing to do with escapades similar to Ronnie's. "I was in a really good relationship," Vinny said. "I loved and cared about the girl I was with, and everything else [in Miami] seemed like a downgrade from that."

"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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