'Vanderpump Rules' SURver Scuffle: Lala Tearfully Storms Off Reunion After James Calls Her Relationship 'F-cking Bullsh-t'
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"I think there's a bit of jealousy here," Lisa Vanderpump interjects. "I really do. You've always had feelings for Lala."

Lala Kent was all sorts of emotional on Monday's final "Vanderpump Rules" reunion episode, and it was all because of James Kennedy.

Once Lala's boyfriend, James spent all season long attacking his ex and her current relationship with big-time movie producer Randall Emmett. In one scene in particular, James told Lala he "wouldn't f-ck with [her] fat-cock man." James also said, "You f-ck the fat man 'cause he pays for your rent," and "He's gonna get bored of you, and he's gonna be on to the next young, pretty blonde."

"I was completely joking around, and then it turned into him calling my man certain names, him discrediting -- it was disgusting," Lala told Andy Cohen about the emotional lunch before tears began to flow and she ended up leaving the set.

"God, she's so dramatic," James said, rolling his eyes. "I can't even take it."

Lisa Vanderpump scolded James, saying, "I want you to understand how loyal this girl was to you. Did you not see the interview bites when she was defending you? She was saying, 'If he goes down, I am going down with him.' And so, really, you should go out on a limb to apologize to her about her boyfriend."

Cameras panned to Lala as she sobbed in the bathroom. Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney got up to go comfort her. Lisa followed shortly after and encouraged Lala to make her way back to the reunion set.

"Why did you leave?" Andy asked Lala once everyone returned.

"Damn you, Andy, why you gotta ask that?" Lala replied, half jokingly. "James was my best friend, and I would never in my life want to tear him down, want to tear his girl down. I just felt like he really, really came for me."

During another scene from this season, James told his girlfriend, Raquel, "I throw things in [Lala's] face that she knows is true. I call him big, fat man -- big, fat Rolls Royce -- roll it up, you know?" Raquel responded by asking, "Why can't you support her and her relationship?" James replied, "Because you can't support something that's rotten."

Having to watch it back made Lala even more emotional.

"I think there's a bit of jealousy here," Lisa interjected, looking at James. "I really do. You've always had feelings for Lala. I know you love Raquel, but you've always had feelings. It came from a place of jealousy."

"Because maybe it didn't work out with you guys?" Tom Sandoval said.

"I think you care about her a little more than a friend," Jax Taylor added.

"You use her man against her," Andy said to James.

James said he "wasn't believing [her relationship] at the time" and called it "f-cking bullshit."

"Did Randall see that lunch?" Andy asked, to which James fired back, "Yes, of course he did!"

"I was literally sitting there like please pray to God that this does not air," Lala said of the scene in which James first attacked Randall. "And I even told James, 'If this does air, our friendship's gonna be different.' And it is. I just don't feel safe around him anymore."

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