Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato Escape From Prison in Empowering 'Fall In Line' Music Video
The Performances That Brought the House Down at the Billboard Music Awards

Watch X-Tina and Demi team up to break free from the system that is keeping them prisoner.

Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato have delivered the badass music video we've been waiting for since their empowering anthem "Fall in Line" dropped earlier this month.

The video begins with two young girls smiling in a pretty field before being taken by intimidating men dressed in armored, black uniforms. When the pop stars start singing, it is decades later, with X-Tina and Lovato both stuck in prison, where they're forced to get dolled up, sing and be analyzed like lab rats.

The dystopian visuals -- no doubt a metaphor for a patriarchal society oppressing women -- are the perfect compliment to the song's feminist message: "Little girls, listen closely / 'Cause no one told me / But you deserve to know / That in this world, you are not beholden / You do not owe them / Your body and your soul / All the youth in the world will not save you from growing older / And all the truth in a girl is too precious to be stolen from her."

Eventually, the ladies turn the tables on their captors and fight their way back to freedom, which is a real treat to watch.

If you thought their performance at the Billboard Music Awards was powerful, just until you watch the video above.

Christina Aguilera's new album "Liberation" is available June 15.

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