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A heartbroken Nikki tells her sister and mother that her and John have called off their wedding.

The emotional moment Nikki Bella and John Cena decide to call off their wedding arrives on "Total Bellas" this Sunday.

A preview clip E! released Wednesday shows the heartbreak hangover the morning after the former couple reach their decision, with Nikki's sister, Brie Bella, breaking down how she found out.

"Last night, I see about 15 text messages from my sister and instantly I got like knots in my stomach. I'm like, 'This can't be good,'" Brie tells the confessional camera. "I start scrolling through her text messages and I'm like, 'Ugh, her and John are calling off the wedding."

During a heart-to-heart chat, Nikki tells her sister, "I’m giving John like a few days of space, so it’ll just be nice once we talk, but it’s weird not talking to him. I feel such a huge piece is just missing from me. It was just weird like first morning in six years not to talk to him."

Although we've seen Brie growing increasingly frustrated over her sister even considering giving up on kids for Cena's sake, and making other compromises during the wedding planning, she was surprisingly emotional.

"I just don’t want him to be like lonely," Brie tells her sister while tearing up. "And I don’t want him to like regret not being a dad and that’s what makes me sad because John feels like a brother and I hate thinking in my head that he’s going to be alone, makes me so sad."

Nikki also spills on the text messages her former fiancé sent her after they make the difficult decision to call off the wedding.

"[John] sent me this text last night," Nikki admits. "And he goes, 'The day you become a mom, I’m going to locate your baby.' He goes, 'I’m expecting to get the first thank you text.' But it’s like I wanted him to be the father of my kids."

Of course, Sunday's episode will feature Nikki and John actually calling it off, and we're assuming it happens in Napa during this emotional conversation about children that the show has already teased.

"I really thought I was okay not being a mom and it’s just been growing in me and I’ve been trying to push it to the side," Nikki tells Cena in that clip, to which he responds, "Nicole, it shouldn’t be a situation of you trying to push feelings to the side."

"But I just can’t imagine my life without you John," Nikki said through tears. "I just can’t imagine not getting married and spending the rest of our lives together."

"I know, but you haven't been honest with yourself," Cena replied.

"Total Bellas" airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m on E!

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