'RHONY' Bad Apple of the Week: Bethenny Frankel Manages to Tick Off Almost All of Her Costars
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It was Bethenny against the world this week.

The Berzerkshires blowout between Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill continued on Wednesday's "Real Housewives of New York," but that was only the start of the drama for the SkinnyGirl founder.

By the end of the hour, she not only had it out with Carole, but she also ticked off Dorinda Medley, possibly insulted Luann De Lesseps and fired up Ramona Singer during one explosive phone call.

Let's start with Bethenny's beef with Carole. The two continued to argue about the latter's sometimes-boyfriend Adam, who aggravated Bethenny when he asked to be paid to photograph her relief efforts in Puerto Rico. "She called me in the middle of the afternoon one day to tell me she thinks Adam is an operator and a whole bunch of other not terribly nice things about Adam," Carole said in a confessional before "operator" became the word of the day.

"He was the only person who asked about a rate. I called you and said that I think he's an operator and said can we be done with Adam yet," Bethenny explained. "I realized I pushed a button. I had gone too far and I said to you I'm sorry and you said everyone's an operator in business."

Chiming in from the peanut gallery, Luann yelled, "He operated my niece and you," before Carole shot back, "Luann, nobody cares what you think!" She persisted, however, shouting, "Where did you meet him? In my kitchen because of my niece. Don't forget it. He's an operator. He jumped on Carole from my niece. Whatever time it takes, he's an operator. He's a little boy from the Midwest. That's who he is!"

As all this was happening, Carole said Bethenny called Luann a "loser" in one of their texts. "If I'm a loser, the rest of the world is f-cked," Lu deadpanned.

Bethenny wasn't having it, though, and she unloaded on Carole for revealing their private text, which she didn't remember sending. "This is ridiculous -- that you at this table would go and be a 7-year-old. 'She called you a loser.' How old are you?" Bethenny said. "I know you want to be 45, but don't act 7. You're ridiculous. The fact you did that is such a betrayal. I don't know if I called her a loser. I've often thought she's a loser, but I wouldn't have thought you'd be the one to bring it up tonight. That was shitty."

Carole walked out at that point, but the two continued to hash things out later in the evening. It didn't really go that well then, either. "You seem like you're more into yourself and your hair and your style and your fashion and Tinsley," Bethenny told her former BFF. "That's what you seem like. You seem like you're more into youth and seflies, and you weren't like that before." Carole disagreed, saying Bethenny's perception of her was all "distorted."

As they argued, the rest of the women were getting wasted downstairs, where Dorinda rocked a "horrible cameltoe." Ah, the Berzerkshires, never change.

The women reconvened a few days later for Bethenny's annual holiday party, where she ruffled a few more feathers. First, Dorinda's decorator showed up with a nutcracker for Bethenny's daughter, Bryn. While Bethenny showed a ton of gratitude, it wasn't toward the woman who made the surprise happen. Dorinda looked and sounded slightly disappointed about it during her confessional. Bethenny also jumped on Ramona for saying she has an "anti-aging line" of products coming out, criticizing her for turning their Yankee swap into an "infomercial."

That really ticked off Ramona, who let Bethenny have it during an epic phone call. Bethenny called Ramona to accuse her of "preying on the weak" and enjoying her argument with Carole, and Ramona snapped.

"You don't support women! I'm very very upset and hurt," she said before referencing the "infomercial" thing. "You left and right bring up every product you do and you don't support women. You don't acknowledge anybody for anything they do, and as soon as Carole left the party, you talked behind her back. You didn't even give Dorinda credit for getting the nutcracker. Your problem is with yourself. Don't put it on me. You put everybody down to make yourself look good, and that's what you're trying to do to me. I'm not having any part of it, so I'm hanging up now. Bye!"

Wow ... you got all that?

The episode ended with Luann getting arrested in Palm Beach over the holidays, with a preview for next week teasing how her costars react when the learn the news.

"The Real Housewives of New York" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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