Every Hollywood Star Reacting to the Cancelation of 'Roseanne'

"What's to say? Roseanne is gone," Williams says at the top of her show as she declares the former sitcom star's career is over.

No amount of Ambien excuses or apologies will save Roseanne Barr, at least according to Wendy Williams.

The host kicked off her talk show on Wednesday morning with the news that ABC canceled "Roseanne" after its star sent out a racist tweet about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett -- an African-American Barr described by tweeting, "Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj."

"How you gonna talk about black people and apes and a black woman signs your check you dumb ... " said Williams, trailing off as she referred to ABC president Channing Dungey. "Listen, ABC was appalled and I'm so shocked that you actually did it, you pulled the plug on the show. I'm shocked. A lot of times people say horrible things all over Twitter and all over TV and nothing is ever done. Particularly when its a white person talking about a black person."

She went on to add that she was "shocked that swift justice was served so swiftly and so justly."

"She has all made all the hundreds of people that work on the show unemployed," Williams said of Barr. "Kids cant go to summer camp, people were trying to buy boats. They're thinking they got a cushy thing going on!"

With the cancelation of her series, her co-stars speaking out against her words, and Twitter having a field day mocking Barr, Williams doesn't believe the star has much of a career left at this point.

"Can she come back from it? No. No. A lot of people wanted the show to still continue on and just kill Roseanne off. No," she added. "You killed it for everyone. Go back to your nut farm in Hawaii and you enjoy the comic stylings of your boyfriend as you all sit there and realize you have no more career. Oh well."

Williams also called out Barr's attempt to defend herself by tweeting, "It was 2 in the morning and I was Ambien tweeting - it was Memorial Day." Wendy's bright idea: try a new sleep aid.

"She blamed it on the Ambien, that's what you gotta stick with melatonin," joked Williams. "I do have difficulty sleeping and melatonin is very natural, it's one little pill you take a half hour before you go to sleep, it puts you to sleep real good. You get a solid five hours and you don't wake up all groggy or feeling high or wondering why all the hamburger buns are out and what have you done the night before on your Ambien."

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