The Thirstiest Photos of Becca's 'Bachelorette' Suitors

Kimmel says Becca's suitors may just be "the worst group of guys yet."

Jimmy Kimmel's wife Molly McNearney is a card-carrying member of Bachelor Nation and the two of them already have a pretty good idea who's going to win the current season of "The Bachelorette."

The late night host revealed the couple's final four picks on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Tuesday night, breaking down who Becca Kufrin will likely end up with ... and why the relationship won't work in the long run.

"This is a big event at our house. My wife Molly, this show, watching 'The Bachelorette' with my wife is like waking up and find out you're married to a soccer hooligan," Kimmel joked. "I don't even know who she is, I just sit there like what the hell is happening here."

During Monday night's premiere, Kimmel decided to secretly write down Molly's commentary as Becca's suitors made their limo arrivals. "These are real quotes," he assured his audience, before reading a few of her snap judgments.

Some of the best burns:

  • "You're reading a red jacket, you're on TV and you're wearing a red jacket and you rode in on an Ox. You are a loser."
  • "Blake, you can't marry a guy named Blake. What are you going to say? This is my husband Blake?"
  • "His first move is I'm going to dunk a basketball over his head? Eff off"
  • "This is a bad group, I bet Becca called the casting director crying last night."

Kimmel then pointed out that he and Molly correctly predicted five out of the last six "Bachelor" winners and four of the last six guys to nab the final rose on "The Bachelorette." So, who will "go the distance" from a crop Kimmel called "the worst group of guys yet"?

He predicted Ryan, David and Blake will make Top 3, while Garrett will go all the way ... at least "until she finds out about all the terrible stuff he posted online." While Becca or the show have yet to address the controversy, contestant Garrett Yrigoyen made headlines this week for liking social media posts mocking and criticizing Parkland shooting survivors, the trans community and undocumented immigrants.

In the end, Kimmel joked that Blake might "be the guy she goes back to after the guy she picks."

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