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And Charles Barkley proves he doesn't have "pancake tits."

Twitter dunks on NBA stars in Jimmy Kimmel's latest edition of "Mean Tweets."

The special edition of the recurring late-night segment aired right after Game 1 of the NBA finals Thursday. It was packed with some seriously savage tweets, which is no surprise, but there was at least one unexpected breakout moment: Kobe Bryant singing.

"Kobe Bryant looks like he cries to can I get a 'Kiss From a Rose' by Seal," he read before responding, "Really?"

He began to hum the '90s classic, then added, "I’m not crying, but I will sing this shit." It was quite impressive.

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green read one user's tweet about how his "jump shot is ALMOST as ugly as his face...Almost," and he had one smooth reply: "That's one good looking jump shot." He got off pretty easy with this one, after poking LeBron James in the eye Thursday night.

Former NBA player and sportscaster Charles Barkley read a tweet in which a user claimed that he had "pancake tits." As usual, Barkley was effortlessly hilarious: "That’s not true, 'cause I would eat them." Another sportscaster, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, actually got a kick out of the clever insult a hater tweeted at him: "Stephen A. Smith is what happens when a human tries to be a caps lock button."

Other basketball stars featured on the 6th NBA edition of "Mean Tweets" included Jimmy Butler, Tracy McGrady, Andre Drummond, DeAaron Fox, Kevin Love, Rachel Nichols, Scottie Pippen, Glenn Robinson, Jalen Rose, Ben Simmons and Stephen A. Smith.

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