On the Set of 'Ocean's 8'

Host Hoda Kotb is brought to literal tears when this interview goes awry.

"Ocean's 8" stars Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson were all kinds of giddy when they stopped by the "Today" show Monday morning -- and the resulting interview was nothing short of amazing.

For whatever reason, Blanchett and Paulson arrived in contagiously silly moods that were only exacerbated the more they spoke. The giggles turned into chuckles, and the chuckles turned into full-blown laugh attacks, and by the end of the whole thing, host Hoda Kotb's mascara was streaming down her face.

The banter began almost immediately. After Paulson made a joke about how she had no idea who Blanchett was -- "Never met her!" -- and how their friendship "ended about an hour ago," Blanchett shot back, "Get a stylist."

"I borrowed it from your mother," Paulson replied. "I got it from your mom." Hoda started to lose it.

"Can we talk about the movie?" Blanchett asked Hoda. "Anything but her," Paulson added, as Blanchett waved her hands in front of her. But before Hoda could get a word in, the two began to bicker about how many awards they each have.

"This is going well for you, I can tell," Paulson said to Hoda, who was now on the brink of peeing her pants. "We're gonna edit this whole thing, right? Is this live?" Paulson asked. In between heaves, Hoda managed to mouth, "This is live."

Hoda composed herself long enough to ask the women if "Ocean's 8" was their first film together.

"No, we did another movie together. It was called 'Carol,'" Paulson said. "She was nominated for an Academy Award -- which she did not win. She did not win that one, OK, you guys? She didn't win it. It doesn't happen every time out of the gate. She tried, she wore dresses, it was a whole thing -- and she did not win."

By this point, Paulson had tears streaming down her face.

"Who signed onto this movie first?" Hoda asked.

"Me," Blanchett replied. "I tried to get out of it when I heard what the rest of the cast was gonna be, and they wouldn't let me. I was contracted."

Paulson added, "She sent me an email and was like, 'Is it true, Lady Paulson, that you're doing this?' And I was like, 'Yep!' And she was like, 'Whoa, I'm out.'"

Blanchett pointed out that Hoda's mascara was running down her face, to which she replied, "Yeah, because of you! Oh, my God. It's like, how bad is it? Is it horrible?"

"Oh, it's fine!" Blanchett assured her. "Someone will come and touch you up before you speak to some 'real actors.'"

If there's anything you watch today, please let it be this interview, which ended with Blanchett sitting on her costar's lap.

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