Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Ellen How to Curse Like a 'Motherf-cker' and Slays a Game of 5-Second Rule
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The "Incredibles 2" actor teaches Ellen DeGeneres how to curse endearingly, then destroys her at her own game.

Ellen DeGeneres recruited curse master Samuel L. Jackson to help her get the knack of swearing properly.

"You're good at cursing. Is there something you can teach us on a great way to curse?" Ellen asked the "Incredibles 2" actor when he stopped by her show Wednesday morning.

"It has to be either heartfelt or lighthearted to the effect that it's not offensive to the people that you're doing it to," Jackson replied.

"For instance?" Ellen inquired.

"For instance?! Oh, I can do it?" Jackson asked as his eyes lit up, and Ellen gave him the green.

"It's like if I looked at you and said, 'Wow, that jacket is a motherf-cker!'" Jackson explained. "Which really means it's a beautiful and extraordinary jacket."

Ellen then asked the actor how he'd use the same phrasing to describe a jacket he didn't like.

"That jacket's a motherf-cker," Jackson replied with a nod of his head and some heavy side-eye.

Jackson explained that the "descriptive and encompassing word" can change in meaning depending on how it's used but said he mostly uses it as a "term of endearment."

Unfortunately for Jackson, he was unable to utilize his favorite word while recording the voice for Frozone in "The Incredibles 2," but Ellen once again gave the 69-year-old actor the go-ahead during an epic game of 5-Second Rule.

Q: Name three curse words you say the most.

Jackson: "Shit, (inaudible but sounds like the male chicken?) and motherf-cker."

Q: Name three celebrities you'd want to go on a road trip with.

Ellen: "Tiffany Haddish, Portia de Rossi and Jennifer Lopez."

Q: Name three things you always forget.

Jackson: "My name, my address and my daughter's name."

"You don't forget your name!" Ellen reprimanded.

"I'm 70 years old! I forget all kinds of shit!" Jackson fired back.

Q: What are three different names for your bottom?

Ellen: "Ass, rump, tuchus!"

"How could you forget booty?" Jackson asked.

"I didn't have time! Three things, OK? Three things. I've never said tuchus in my life," Ellen replied.

Q: Name three things you shouldn't hit with a gold club.

Jackson: "Car window, another person, football."

Q: What are three ways of telling someone you like their food when you actually don't?

Ellen: "Boy, look at this stuff! Who made this? That's some kind of taste!"

Q: Name three things that are incredible.

Jackson: "Me, the movies and life."

"The Incredibles 2" hits theaters Friday, June 8.

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