93 Most Savage Celebrity Clapbacks

Mimi clearly didn't enjoy herself on "American Idol" Season 12.

Mariah Carey is still the queen of shade.

On Thursday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the superstar opened up about her "bleak experience" serving as a judge on Season 12 of "American Idol." The topic came up when Kimmel asked Carey about her relationship with Lionel Richie, who serves as a judge on the singing competition's ABC revival, which wrapped up its first season in May.

"Is it true you told him not to do 'American Idol' when he was thinking about whether or not he should judge it?" Kimmel asked. "If I didn't, I should have," Carey replied with a sassy grin. The audience erupted in gasps and laughter.

"I'm sorry," she added. "Is he doing it? Is it going well for him? I don't watch."

Kimmel said Richie had done a good job, before the topic was dropped organically. The comedian then moved on and began to plug Carey's new Las Vegas show, but she interrupted him.

"Oh, wait, can I just clarify?" she said. "I wasn't saying that Lionel wouldn't be a great judge; I was just saying I didn't have the world's best experience on that [show]."

Kimmel assured Carey that everybody understood what she meant, but she said she wanted to clarify "because people tend to interpret things."

Kimmel's eyes lit up as he realized the "Idol" floodgates had been opened. "What was the worst part about being a judge on 'American Idol'?" he asked. The audience let out another laugh.

"I'll tell you the best part was some of the memes that we got," Carey replied. "It was bleak, though. It was a bleak experience. We don't have to go back there, but there were some good hairstyles and stuff like that. We'll stick to the positives -- my hairstyles were good. I mean, everybody else's were great, too. Yay." The sarcasm was palpable.

Carey also talked about the two children she shares with Nick Cannon, twins Moroccan and Monroe, saying that her son is a "technological genius" who once "charged $5,000 on something [on] Amazon." She added that "last night, apparently, he was with Nick and he ordered a dog" but said that the order had since been "canceled."

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