Barack Obama Reacts to Anthony Bourdain's Death With Tribute to Their 'Parts Unknown' Meal in Vietnam
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Obama flashes back to their 2016 episode of the celebrity chef's hit CNN travel series.

Former President Barack Obama is among the wide array of celebrities writing heartfelt tributes for Anthony Bourdain in wake of his death on Friday.

"'Low plastic stool, cheap but delicious noodles, cold Hanoi beer.' This is how I’ll remember Tony," Obama tweeted. "He taught us about food -- but more importantly, about its ability to bring us together. To make us a little less afraid of the unknown. We'll miss him."

Bourdain was found unresponsive in his hotel room in France, where the TV star was shooting an episode of his hit CNN travel series "Parts Unknown." The cause of death was determined as suicide by hanging.

Obama's tweet was referencing the 2016 episode of "Parts Unknown" in which the pair met at a restaurant in Vietnam after Obama lifted the historic arms embargo on the country and made amends for America's secret

Bourdain and Obama dined at Bun Cha Huong, where the former president learned the art of the noodle slurp as they sat on plastic stools and enjoyed the traditional Vietnamese meal Bun cha. Bourdain even picked up Obama's $6 tab.

Bourdain initially tweeted the quote Obama is referencing after they dined together.

"We've been secretly planning this for some time, colluding, no one knew," Bourdain told CNN's Anderson Cooper about the famous meal before it premiered. "The network didn't know, the camera people didn't know, very few people outside of the White House knew."

The celebrity chef and travel pro said that the White House had essentially reached out to him. However, Bourdain said that if him and Obama were going to share a meal, they were going to do it right.

"[Obama] seemed willing to play and my feeling was if we're going to do this, we should do it right," Bourdain said. "I mean we shouldn't be sitting at a banquet room at the Hilton, we should what we do, which is hang out at some working class place.

Enjoy their meal together below:

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