First 'Halloween' Trailer Rewrites Franchise and Laurie Strode Is Out for Revenge
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Jamie Lee Curtis is back in action 40 years after the original John Carptenter film.

The first trailer for the upcoming 2018 "Halloween" film makes it very clear almost all of the previous movies were thrown out the window ... and we're totally OK with it.

After the original 1978 classic film, the franchise went quite a few wild directions. First, serial killer Michael Myers was revealed as the brother of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis)in the sequel, before going after that character's orphaned daughter in future films. Curtis returned to the franchise in 1998's "H20," which claimed she had been in witness protection all these years, before Strode was killed off in the horrible "Resurrection." That's all been wiped clean.

The new footage explains that Myers was locked up after that first Halloween in 1978 and has been in captivity ever since. As for rumors he was related to Laurie, her character's granddaughter tells a friend, "No, it wasn't her brother. That was something people made up."

Of course, Michael breaks loose, gets his freaky William Shatner mask back and goes on another murderous rampage in the town of Haddonfield, but this time, Strode is ready for him.

"I would pray every night that he'd escape," Curtis' character explains, "so I could kill him." She's also seen firing a shotgun during target practice at her heavily-guarded home. "He's waited for this night. He's waited for me. I've waited for him," she adds.

The trailer ends with Michael doing what he does best, attacking an unsuspecting baby sitter, as Strode asks in a voiceover, "You don't believe in the boogeyman? You should."

"Halloween" -- written by David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, with Carpenter consulting -- hits theaters October 19 2018.

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