Ryan Reynolds Interviews His 'Twin' Gordon -- And It Doesn't Go Well
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The "Deadpool 2" star brings his "twin" Gordon Reynolds back for another hilarious video.

Ryan Reynolds is back in another video with his "twin" Gordon Reynolds -- this time to talk about his gin company.

"I hear Deadpool 2 is great. I haven’t seen it yet," Gordon says in the clip. "I was recently diagnosed with stage 4 'I don’t give a shit' and I’m afraid it’s terminal."

"You bought a gin company, that's so grown up of you," he continues, then asking why he decided on this business venture.

"Because Aviation Gin is the best god damn gin on the planet that's why," Ryan says.

"And you invented gin?" Gordon asks.

"No you dumb f-ck fire," Ryan says back, rolling his eyes. "Gin's been around for hundreds of years and Aviation is just a craft gin from Portland, Oregon."

It was at this moment that Gordon poured himself a hearty glass full of gin and chugged it down.

"It tastes like a sunrise had sex with a feather duster," he said. "You can have that slogan for free if you want."

See the rest of the hilarious clip below.

"Deadpool 2" is in theaters now.

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