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Gosling told Kimmel about his kids, his failed basketball career, and getting a concussion when filming "First Man."

Ryan Gosling was ready for blastoff as he promoted his new Neil Armstrong biopic "First Man" on Friday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

In a "Game Night" special edition of the late-night show, Gosling participated in a type of interview that's never been done by Kimmel before before: one live from space. (OK, not really)

"It is now time for the first talk show interview in outer space between Jimmy Kimmel and Ryan Gosling, who is very, very sexy," Kimmel's co-host Guillermo said, introducing the clip.

The Oscar winner and Kimmel, clad in NASA astronaut suits and helmets, traveled through space in a small, confined capsule. "Is it a ship or a capsule that we're in right now?" Kimmel asked, to which Gosling replied, "These are the questions?"

"Oh look at that! It's George Clooney," Kimmel told Gosling, as he pointed outside to a floating astronaut with a CGI face of the actor. "Well that's pretty exciting. I wouldn't have imagined any celebrities in space," Kimmel joked, while Gosling tried to refrain from laughter.

The two then traveled back to Los Angeles for the rest of the interview, but it definitely didn't lose any momentum.

Read on for more great moments from Gosling on Kimmel.

Brain Damage

Gosling might have dove too far into the role of Armstrong while filming the biopic.

Kimmel asked Gosling if there was physical training while making the film or if it was all just movie magic. Movie magic was a large part of it, Gosling said, but he had a little accident while filming a scene.

The actor said he while being banged around in a "multi-axis trainer" capsule for 6 to 8 hours and being flipped "ass over teakettle," he began to feel something was off.

"I went home one night and I called Eva [Mendes], and I was just hellbent on this idea that there were people in donut stores all around the world that were trying to charm their way into getting free donuts," he recalled.

At his baby mama's recommendation, he went to the hospital and discovered he had a minor concussion. It looks like the "donut charmers" will be getting off the hook this time.

Basketball Dreams

Because Gosling as two young daughters -- Esmeralda, 3 and Amada Lee, 2 -- the actor doesn't often get the chance to watch sports that often. However, the "La La Land" star made sure to prep for "Game Night" edition of Kimmel by watching the NBA finals.

"Wow, you really did your research!" Kimmel said.

"I was excited to watch the games...I have a two year old and a three and a half year old, so let's be honest, I'm not watching anything that doesn't have a talking tiger in it," Gosling replied.

The actor also talked about how he thought he was going to be in the NBA as a teen, until he realized that he was too short and had no talent. Minor details.

"First Man" Trailer

The intense trailer for "First Man" also debuted during Kimmel Friday night. The film focuses on the story of Neil Armstrong (Gosling) and his journey to be the first man to walk on the moon. The movie also focuses on the issues between Armstrong and his wife Janet (played by Claire Foy.)

"This isn't just another trip, Neil," Janet tells her husband in the trailer. "You're not just going to work."

The footage also showed some intense scenes in space, as well as failed explosive launches in training. Anyone else smell Oscar bait?

The film marks the second collaboration between Gosling and his "La La Land" director Damien Chazelle. The movie also stars Kyle Chandler, Jason Clarke, and Pablo Schreiber.

"First Man" hits theaters October 12, 2018.

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