All of Khloe Kardashian's Most Savage Twitter Klapbacks

Plus every other highlight from Kanye, Kim, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner duking it out in front of Steve Harvey.

Kanye West came to play, and your boy is serious about "The Feud!"

West partnered up with his wife Kim Kardashian and several of his cousins to take on Kim's family in a heated edition of "Celebrity Family Feud" that host Steve Harvey just knows is going to continue on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

Everyone was playing for the same charity, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, so there was a sense of love throughout the affair. But there was also some heated competition, with Khloe Kardashian refusing to shake hands with Kim at one point and then calling her sister a liar, while Kanye called for the Kardashians to be disqualified altogether. It was all Harvey could do to keep the game moving along.

Kardashian haters may have been expecting vapid answers, but everyone had their game faces on, and they were ready to play, even when the questions were as ridiculous as, "Name a reason you think Steve Harvey is a good kisser."

Now Harvey said he had nothing to do with that question, but we're not so sure. Still, it didn't throw Feud superfan Kanye at all. He buzzed in and immediately said, "Lips. I'm here to win, bro!"


The actual answer was "Massive Fish Lips," which Harvey understandably took exception with. And it was the top answer, which means everyone was chiming in with this answer? Who are these people polled? And as if that wasn't crazy enough, when Kim suggested "butt" as a body part that would bump into things, that answer got a big old goose egg. Who are these flat-butt, lip-loving people "Family Feud" finds to survey?

But the wacky answers weren't just coming from the anonymous survey answers. There were plenty coming from the Kardashians and Wests, too.

  • Harvey got himself into some trouble when he went to Kanye's cousin, Kim Wallace. On that Steve Harvey kissing question, her response was, "You have that sexy bald head." He had her say it two more times. It got sexier each time, and on the last she rubbed his head. At that point, his eyes crossed and he decided he probably shouldn't talk to her anymore.

  • "Somebody you wouldn't want to see naked at a nude party?" Kendall didn't hesitate to answer, "Donald Trump." And she got points for it.

  • It was a strike for Kendall Jenner when she suggested she wouldn't want to see "your pastor" at the nude party, but we're with her on that one!

  • During the "Fast Money" round, Harvey actually had to stop the clock when he asked Kim, "How sexy are you compared to the people you work with?" Without hesitation, she said, "10." And the people she works with were standing on the opposite side of the stage.


The Kardashian side of the stage had an extra person on it, so Harvey explained that Kris Jenner's mom, Mary Jo Shannon, was playing in tandem with her daughter. "We do not have to explain to you why that is, 'cause she was not not going to be on this show."

  • When Kim and Khloe were brought to the podium together, Kim extended a hand, only to have it rejected. "It's called 'Family Feud,'" Khloe told her. "Not today."

  • Kim asked Harvey, "Have you ever had family play each other like this?"
  • He explained that he'd had his family on, and Khloe quickly shouted at Kim, "You're a big fan!"
  • "I got a feeling when this game is over it ain't gonna be over," Harvey joked." This is gonna go out to the house. Watch the next episode of 'The Kardashians.'"

  • The Wests got into a discussion about locking bedroom doors to keep the kids out, with Kim admitting, "I feel bad because they're sneaking in the room in the middle of the night."
  • "That's the problem," Kanye quickly shot back. "I don't need 'em sneaking."
  • "Sneak in here and need therapy," Harvey responded.

  • The Kardashians were consulting with one another at a point when they shouldn't have been ... and it was for the win!
  • "No cheating over there!" Kim shouted across the stage. "No discussing."
  • "That's an automatic disqualification," Kanye added. "I guess we, uh, win?"

They didn't, but they kind of all did anyway. Kendall and Khloe let Kanye play "Fast Money" with his wife, and as a lifelong fan his smile was ear-to-ear and genuine (Yeezy was smiling, for real, people!). And he and Kim pulled it out, which means $25,000 for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Sometimes everybody can win.

"Celebrity Family Feud" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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